LIMS, the Cloud and You

LIMS and Contract Research & Manufacturing The trend towards outsourcing laboratory work over the last three decades has been steep. In recent years, this move to a near-universal outsourced lab model has run concurrent with the shift towards data-sharing across [...]

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Training for LIMS

At LabVantage, we are firm believers in the importance of training & ongoing education. While developing a cutting edge LIMS platform is important, ensuring our customers can maximize their use of the software is equally as important - if not [...]

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One ELN to Rule Them All

Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) are now found in labs everywhere, from the pharmaceutical to food and beverage, to the oil and gas industries. At its core, a LIMS system manages the workflow of samples during testing – along with [...]

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Inside LIMS Technology

Does it seem like all LIMS platforms are the same? They all log samples, support data entry, and generate reports. But despite how it might first appear, laboratory informatics management systems couldn’t be more different. Something as fundamental as the [...]

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