Cookie Policy

We use cookies in our website.

A “cookie” is a commonly used small text file that the internet browser installs on your computer or other terminal when you visit a website. The browser sends information on your visit back to the website when you revisit it. All contemporary websites use cookies in order to offer you a more personal browsing experience.

Each cookie is separately installed on each terminal you use, and cookies can be read only by the server that installed the cookie. Because the cookie is bound to the browser and is not distributable between separate browsers or terminals in general (unless a browser, plugin or other application separately enable this), your choices relating to the management of cookies are applicable only to each separate browser. A cookie cannot control software, and it cannot be used as a medium for viruses or other malware, nor to harm your terminal of files. A single user cannot be identified solely through the use of cookies or similar technologies.

We use Google Analytics on our website in order to analyze how users use the website. Google Analytics is a web analytics service offered by Google Inc. (“Google”) that functions by using cookies. Please note that Google’s terms and conditions are applied to cookies installed by Google. More information on Google’s terms and conditions can be found from

Lastly, some pages on our website make use Marketo for tracking of end-user page visits and clicks to our landing pages. Marketo Munchkin cookies allows select pages on our website to track visitor behavior on the site and to link a visitor to the recipient of an email marketing campaign, to measure campaign effectiveness. Tracking is performed anonymously until a user identifies themself by submitting a form.