LabVantage Food & Beverage

for Quality and Compliance

Purpose-Built LIMS
for Food & Beverage Labs

You are required to have full accountability throughout your global food chain. LabVantage’s laboratory informatics enforces the quality requirements of food and beverage organizations by providing data traceability, accessibility, reporting, and other critical capabilities necessary to ensure quality and regulatory compliance.

The solution provides end-to-end management of ingredient, intermediate & finished product quality to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements (HACCP, FDA, GxP).

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Food Supply Chain


LabVantage Food & Beverage

Product Quality

Why LabVantage Food and Beverage LIMS?


Full Traceability

Throughout the manufacturing process and global supply chain

Seamless Integration

Achieve operational efficiencies with laboratory instrumentations and systems such as SAP ERP

Regulatory Compliance

21 CFR 11, Annex 11, USDA, EPA, HACCP, GLP and GMP

Post-release Quality Testing

Perform periodic in-house quality testing of finished products

Microbial Analysis

Schedule and manage microbial testing on product samples

Environmental Monitoring

Monitor samples to minimize the risk of environmental or personnel contamination


Selling more than 1.1 billion liters of ready-to-drink soft drinks annually in almost 400 different flavors, shapes, and sizes, Britvic supplies more than 250,000 retailers, and has 20 facilities throughout the UK. Today’s business covers a range of leading brands, including Tango, R Whites, and the UK franchises for Pepsi and 7UP, as well as the UK’s ninth biggest grocery brand, Robinson’s.

See how Britvic, which processes more than 20,000 samples per year, used LABVANTAGE products and services to improve their production for the last 15 years.

LabVantage Food and Beverage LIMS Capabilities


Batch & Sample Management

Product Management, batch and sample testing, release and generation of Certificate of Analysis (CoA); Advanced Quality Management

Sample/Environmental Monitoring

Convenient hierarchical definition of sample collection sites, automated scheduling and monitoring of samples across various locations and surfaces

Instrument Maintenance & Calibration

Monitor usage, maintenance and calibration of instruments

Instrument Interfacing

Connect simple and complex laboratory instruments (e.g. pH meters, balances, chromatography instruments)

Microbial Testing

Ability to schedule and manage microbial testing and incubation tracking on product samples

Reagent Management

Reagent Inventory Management, Reagent Lot Quality Control and reagent usage during analysis


Planning, monitoring and analysis of product stability to determine shelf-life

Master Data

Preconfigured master data specific for the Food & Beverage industry

Laboratory Analysis

Utilize example laboratory tests commonly used with F&B: Moisture content, Acid Value, Total solids, Ascorbic acid

Batch/Sample Genealogy

Traceability of raw materials and/or intermediate products utilized in the manufacturing of finished products