Managed Services

Your LabVantage LIMS deserves LabVantage specialists 24/7/365

Make Managed Services a trusted, proactive extension of your IT team

Outsource the administration and optimization of your LIMS to trusted experts.

You depend on your LIMS to keep your lab running optimally. You can also depend on the specialized expertise of LabVantage Managed Services to keep your LIMS at its best.

Who better to support, maintain, and enhance your LIMS than the team that designed and built it? LabVantage Managed Service is the only provider with intimate knowledge of the application and the best practices to optimize it. No consulting vendor can match our expertise or ability to respond.

LabVantage Managed Services address operational, personnel, and technological challenges at your site, beyond the traditional Support and Maintenance Plan (SMP). We proactively take responsibility for managing and improving your LIMS, and especially anticipating and resolving issues before they become problems—by reducing the amount of time it takes from initial investigation to the response and resolution.

LabVantage Managed Services adds value to your LabVantage LIMS with:

  • Environment and System Interface Monitoring
  • Installation Services
  • Validation Testing & Documentation Support
  • Enhancements, Optimization, and Upgrades
  • Environment Maintenance and Bug Fixing

For proactive control and administration of your LIMS, outsource to LabVantage Managed Services.

Maintain, control, and support your LIMS with the people who know it best

Proactive Monitoring

Your LabVantage Managed Services team will identify and resolve emerging LIMS issues before they have a critical impact on your operations.

An Extension of Your SMP

On top of your Support & Maintenance Plan, LabVantage Managed Services can enhance the system and optimize performance with a dedicated, specialized team.

24/7 Coverage

Get 24/7 telephone or web portal access to our expert LIMS Managed Services team. They can also be available for on-site and in-person meetings, systems analysis, and training.

Dedicated Expertise

Your LabVantage Managed Services experts work as a dedicated team, focused on your organization’s unique needs for maximizing value, resolving issues, and ensuring fast results.

LabVantage Managed Services can maximize the value of your LabVantage LIMS with cost-efficient outsourcing to a specialized team that knows your system like nobody else.

Gain 24/7/365 benefits of our LabVantage LIMS expertise.

Questions about administering and optimizing your LabVantage LIMS?