LIMS Deployment

Choose SaaS, Cloud Hosted, or On-Premises LIMS Deployments

LIMS deployment options to match your organization’s expertise, expectations, and budget

Ready to outsource servers, security, and backups? Or do you need complete control and perpetual licenses? LabVantage customers can choose the deployment method right for them, whether Software as a Service (SaaS), cloud hosting, or on-premises. The difference is the physical location of servers, the type of license, if you invest capital or operating expenses, and whether you assume responsibility for the data infrastructure—such as servers, security, upgrades, and data continuity.

The increasingly popular option, SaaS, is available as Enterprise or Standard deployments – another way to meet your unique needs.

Each deployment option has distinct benefits, running deeper than cost and convenience. Our account managers can help you compare risks and costs using our Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Calculator. The choice is yours. We provide ongoing support and training no matter which method you choose.

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Discover which LIMS deployment option is right for you with your personalized TCO breakdown.


SaaS removes worry and upfront capital expense, letting LabVantage experts manage the performance and IT infrastructure while allowing you to focus on your laboratory work.

Cloud Hosted

Cloud-hosted deployments give you more control, making IT infrastructure available as a subscription but giving you control of the installation and execution environment.


The traditional on-premises deployment means you own and care for all aspects of the system.

SaaS Deployments

If your organization wants to focus on science and laboratory management, rather than servers and cyber security, SaaS deployment may be right for you. In the SaaS model, you have no physical assets to worry about, no server rooms, security systems, backups or failovers to manage in case of energy failure or interruption to internet service.

Why most digital-first organizations choose SaaS deployment:

Turn to experts

The infrastructure essentials are all managed for you by LabVantage and our industry partner, Amazon Web Services (AWS). Recognized as experts in this field, AWS manages security, fault tolerance, and automatic backups with guaranteed 99.9% uptime, excluding scheduled maintenance. Your data is protected from disasters like fires, hurricanes, and tornadoes. Network traffic is encrypted using both HTTPS and VPN, and the database is encrypted at rest.

Refocus your IT resources

In addition to not needing hardware, your organization will not need dedicated employee resources for the tedious tasks of security and maintenance, such as monitoring CPU usage, applying patches, and updates. System redundancies and backups automatically implement fault tolerance and capacity management.

Take advantage of OpEx

In the SaaS model you pay an annual subscription fee as an operational expense, rather than a one-time capital expenditure for software licenses. This is often easier to plan and budget, requiring fewer approvals. The subscription model frees capital funds for other strategic investments like critical lab equipment.

Deploy quickly

LabVantage SaaS is ready for immediate use, no coding required, no footprint. Because no hardware and servers need to be set up, SaaS solutions are deployed quickly. You can select pre-packaged industry solutions, pre-configured to meet specific industry requirements and laboratory needs.

Manage risks and compliance

Governed by an ISO 9001 quality system and ISO 27001 certification, LabVantage SaaS protects your valuable lab data using modern risk-mitigating strategies. The LIMS is secured against potential threats as identified by OWASP Top 10 and more. It meets the most rigorous GxP standards, including 21 CFR 11, Annex 11, ISO 27001, and more. It supports

Save time on validation

The validated LabVantage SaaS solution is delivered in a controlled, risk-aware manner. Vendor-validation provides a software installation verification, and testing evidence to demonstrate operational conformity with common laboratory best practices. This saves substantial time and costs and provides peace of mind.

Cloud-hosted Deployments

With cloud hosting, you own perpetual licenses of your software, but it is hosted in the AWS cloud. Your organization makes a single VPN connection to the AWS data center, where your data is stored, secured and backed up for disaster recovery, if needed. This option is ideal for organizations that already have perpetual licenses but want to outsource data center management to a third party.

Benefits include:

  • You own the software and retain the ability to integrate additional solutions. You pay a subscription fee to rent the AWS server where your data is stored and accessed.
  • LabVantage can configure your system for load balancing and failover in case of disaster.
  • AWS manages the data center, network security, and backups.
  • Since you own the software, applying patches and system upgrades is your responsibility and can be managed according to your schedule and your priorities.
  • Deployment is typically fast and easy and ready to go with certain built-in industry-specific functionality out of box, no coding required.
  • Pre-configuration and pre-validation can be applied to the LabVantage solutions.

On-premises Deployments

On-premises deployment is ideal for organizations with their own well-staffed IT department with the ability to provide security, backups, and upgrades. This includes the ability to configure drivers and networking. The organization must also have a physical location for servers with floor and rack space that meets electrical, temperature-control, and fire-prevention requirements, as well as failover backups at a separate location in case of a disaster like a fire or flood.

Benefits include:

  • Complete control of your system and your data.
  • A capital expense you pay once, with a perpetual license that never needs renewing or updating unless you choose to.
  • You decide when/if you want to upgrade, personalize, or customize.
  • Pre-configuration and pre-validation can be applied.

Two levels of SaaS: Enterprise and Standard

LabVantage takes all of the advantages of SaaS deployment and adds two further distinctions. You can choose between  Enterprise or Standard SaaS.

  • Enterprise SaaS allows data storage that is completely discreet between customers. It gives organizations a greater degree of flexibility, not only to engage in the wide variety of rich and complex configurations, but also the ability to customize the system and integrate other solutions. This option makes sense for organizations requiring unique workflows or custom integrations to third-party solutions.
  • Standard SaaS is ideal for organizations with typical workflows and straightforward processes. Standard SaaS is multi-tenant at most levels but ensures that data storage is completely discreet between customers. While this provides cost savings, it does mean that customization is not possible. However, flexible and configurable features are still available, but changes that impact the core business logic or permit custom integration to 3rd-party applications are not.

Discover which LIMS deployment is best for you.