Scientific Data Management System

LabVantage SDMS automates data capture for compliance in a connected lab

Collect and secure data from instruments, test results, and patient-protected health information

Data integrity is central to your lab’s mission. You manage vast amounts of complex data, from instrument outputs to test findings, details about tissue banking to trends in public health, to the efficacy of new treatment options. Keeping all of it organized and protected is essential. LabVantage can help you manage the data volume, as well as interfaces needed for secure access.

LabVantage Scientific Data Management System (SDMS), as part of the complete LabVantage platform, provides a single comprehensive view of all data captured, including data from instruments, test results, analytics, and R&D initiatives. The data is stored and secured, encrypted for protection from cyberthreats.

You get end-to-end lab integration without headaches or worry. Your lab instruments, with proprietary APIs and changing data formats, make one-off integrations expensive and time-consuming. Preparing for unforeseen future needs is difficult. With LabVantage SDMS, our Talend-based parsers and handlers extract meaningful data and store all metadata in our datastore for retrieval from our platform. This includes data from the LIMS, Laboratory Execution System (LES), and Electronic Lab notebook (ELN) as well.

There is no need for connector kits or a complicated integration. A single user interface for your data and workflows keeps the system highly efficient and reliable.  Dashboards provide a view of connected instrument health and availability. Drill-downs are available on instruments, datasets, and data details, letting you look deeper into possible influencing factors and variables to explore further. With SDMS, your lab is truly connected.

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Count on LabVantage SDMS for:

  • Single powerful platform and user interface for SDMS, LIMS, ELN, and LES with no additional tools or apps needed
  • Seamless instrument connectivity and data capture, from sources such as emails, real-time streams, local drives, and shared files
  • Robust data capture and processing, including test results and descriptive metadata
  • End-to-end data integrity with data captured securely and directly and under full audit
  • Capable of processing and storing large data volumes

We are committed to helping customers improve both the efficiency and effectiveness of their operations. Implementing a LabVantage LIMS delivers:

  • The fastest and most cost-efficient path to a configured LIMS
  • Dramatic improvements in business process efficiency
  • End-to-end traceability of operations
  • Process normalization and automation, allowing a focus on data analysis rather than data gathering, transfer, and processing
  • And much more

Whether you are seeking to implement a LIMS for the first time or upgrading your existing software solution, LabVantage Professional Services can help you to meet your objectives.

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LabVantage SDMS enforces data integrity, automatically gathering data from instruments and other sources, storing them in a protected repository.

Advantages of LabVantage SDMS

Single Source of Truth

Because all data across the organization is collected and stored in one repository, you can be certain that all of your labs work from one source of truth with no discrepancies or confusion. The tools help you maintain end-to-end data integrity, so the data continues to be reliable, even as activity is logged and edits are made. Changes are audited immediately and tracked with time-stamped audit trails. Approval workflows can be created for documenting changes and contributors using eSignature.

Maintain Data Integrity

Rather than researchers and technicians storing data on their own PCs, one central repository for data eliminates confusion and risk of data being lost. By collecting and storing data in the SDMS, you ensure ongoing data integrity that will be accessible—today and in the future. You can also be sure data hasn’t been manipulated either by accident or on purpose. The bottom line: the integrity of your data is protected.

Increase productivity

Team members can move easily from LIMS to LES/ELN to SDMS and back, with a single sign-on. The SDMS inherits security and permissions from LabVantage LIMS on samples and results. You can create synergistic connections between method innovation and lab execution, so processes are consistent. The same data management strategies are followed throughout the organization and in different labs, enhancing efficiencies. Team members learn one system, simplifying onboarding, training, and ongoing team management.

Data Capture

With LabVantage SDMS, you can create and then send a worklist to lab instruments with information about samples, controls, and additional data as needed. Data can be collected from software that controls complex instruments such as HPLC, LC, and GC, and real-time data from equipment such as freezers and stability storage chambers. The data can be collected from file systems as files, from inboxes as emails or email attachments, or streamed real-time.

Data collection and storage

LabVantage SDMS collects all generated data with rules defining which data to collect, how frequently to collect, and where to find the data. A distributed architecture enables LabVantage SDMS to collect data locally when necessary, limiting bandwidth and central storage requirements for remote locations and/or large-volume data generators. Data is then secured and stored in a data repository, either by direct storage or by reference for large or remotely stored data. Data storage is flexible, supporting file systems, databases, and cloud storage.

Process, retrieve, and reuse data

Talend-based parsers extract test data and metadata and send it to the elements of the LabVantage platform: LIMS, ELN, and LES. Data parsers can be created by LabVantage Professional Services or created by customers using the Talend drag-and-drop user interface. Data and metadata can be made directly available for analysis within the LIMS. Users search for and access data in a single user interface within the LabVantage platform. Queries can be pre-defined or designed by the end-user on an ad-hoc basis. Data is stored long-term and available for retrieval through the platform as needed for additional analysis.

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