Consumer Packaged Goods LIMS

One end-to-end lab informatics solution for CPG R&D through Manufacturing

Harmonize data across multiple labs, locations, and product lines to speed time-to-market

Whether your company sells one product line or thousands of products in diverse consumer categories, time-to-market is likely a top concern for you. Keeping pace with evolving consumer tastes and market trends across a global landscape requires continuous innovation and R&D investment. That requires data – both to improve your products and your processes.

A modern laboratory informatics platform, including laboratory information management system (LIMS), electronic laboratory notebook (ELN), laboratory execution system (LES), scientific data management system (SDMS), and advanced analytics, delivers the data management and analysis capabilities needed by today’s Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) leaders.

The LabVantage LIMS platform helps you to effectively manage end-to-end processes, from the research and product development stage to quality control during manufacturing, shelf-life testing, monitoring consumables, and scheduling sample testing of raw material lots, in-process lots, and finished good lots. One system does it all, supporting visibility and collaboration among team members—now and in the future as you update your product line.   

Replacing paper-bound notebooks, spreadsheets, and homegrown systems, our LIMS and embedded LES enhances lab productivity so you can accomplish more, faster. Plus, the electronic data is now searchable and sortable, allowing predictive analytics to identify trends and project resolution of batch or quality control issues. Your company can be on top of fast-changing trends, conserve resources, and take advantage of modern digital technologies and configurable infrastructure to stay ahead of your competition.

Count on LabVantage LIMS for consumer packaged goods:

  • Deploys in a compliant manner with ISO 17025, the FDA, GAMP, HIPAA, GDPR, and CLIA
  • Interfaces with other enterprise solutions, such as Manufacturing Execution Systems and ERP solutions, due to its sophisticated, secure technology
  • Leverages flexible HTML5-compliant architecture with zero footprint; modernized user interface and drag-and-drop tools for easy personalization—without writing code
  • Supports multiple sites, multiple disciplines, and diverse set of data, lab types, and locations, including multiple languages for companies with global distribution
  • Eases IT burden by using common programming languages like Java and JavaScript at its core; there is no proprietary language and no special training required as with outdated or proprietary tools; easily find candidates for your IT team who are familiar with the toolset
  • Includes tools to import master data, easing the process of migrating data from legacy solutions
  • Supports multidimensional array testing, like microtiter plates, with a formulation tool for high throughput processing
  • Manages stability/shelf-life testing to determine product expiry and quality over time
  • Manages and tracks consumables, automatically decrementing the inventory levels of relevant items based on tests scheduled and preemptively setting reorders.
  • Offers a graphical user workflow for quick comprehension of work to be performed and processes to follow
  • Integrates and syncs with LDAP / Active Directory, reducing the need for multiple passwords
  • Supports single sign on and multi-factor authentication

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Why choose LabVantage LIMS for Consumer Packaged Goods

Work assignment and planning

A robust, enterprise-level work assignment and planning module to ensure personnel are trained and certified to perform work, that instruments are calibrated and ready, and that consumables are in stock.

Sample monitoring module

A scheduler for drawing environmental samples from points around a facility, testing for contaminants, and more.

Highly flexible

One end-to-end LIMS solution manages the informatics needs for CPG labs, from R&D stages to manufacturing quality control, using the same database, test methods, terminology, unit naming conventions, and protocols for defining quality.


Take advantage of our pre-validated, pre-configured system for over-the-counter pharmaceuticals or other highly regulated CPGs.

Role-based data segregation

Supports the ability to define access to data based on roles, simplifying screens and workflows for users who may be focused on particular quality milestones or testing.


LabVantage LIMS can apply its quality manufacturing accelerator for customers in the CPG industry who want significantly faster deployments than a traditional LIMS. The solution can deliver evidence of pre-validation and provides capabilities, like e-signatures, audit trails, and version control, important to compliance with regulations.

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