Migration Services

Remove the uncertainty of LIMS data migration—regardless of source

Migrate laboratory data with ease, speed, accuracy, and total confidence

What’s your data plan as you deploy, replace, or upgrade your LIMS?

Data migration during a LIMS implementation is a complex, time-consuming undertaking. LabVantage Migration Services conquers the challenges of migration to ensure the integrity of your data and business continuity. This includes understanding and communicating practical timelines, logistics, and best practices for determining what data should be migrated.

Don’t let migration fears and your legacy systems keep you from adopting a feature-rich LIMS like LabVantage; our hands-on knowledge delivers a fast, smooth transition—with no loss of momentum.

LabVantage Migration Services provide:

  • A proven approach that applies recognized best practices for data migration, that spans activities including backup, effective planning and execution, and extensive testing.
  • Deep experience with outstanding tools for data file definition, configuration management transfer, and legacy data extraction, transformation, and data loading.
  • Effective data loading post-migration that ensures your data is intact and ready to use.

Don’t let fear of migration stop you from enjoying the benefits of a modern LabVantage LIMS deployment.

Wherever your data lives now, LabVantage can migrate it seamlessly


Effectively identify data and define the approach to be used


Map and evaluate data to ensure it can be used in your new LIMS


Remove anomalies related to data quality, such as duplicates, data type, size, and format mismatches, etc.


Test and verify data to ensure it is usable for the intended purpose(s)


Import data into the new destination system and ensure it is ready for use

LabVantage Migration Services can assist in complex migrations—from a legacy LIMS into LabVantage LIMS or from Oracle to MSSQL or vice versa. Wherever your data resides now, LabVantage ensures an effective, efficient migration by putting the emphasis on its CASCADE approach:


LabVantage Migration Services can ensure your data’s integrity is maintained by reviewing it at pivotal points through the migration.


LabVantage Migration Services leverages our APIs and years of experience to ensure the accuracy of data in the migrated platform.


Secure & Safe
LabVantage Migration Services can prepare a fallback plan to support data restoration in the event that issues such as power failure or system crash occur between migration and “go live.”


We apply our years of experience, API, and modern ETL tools to ensure quick, consistent results.


LabVantage Migration Services can provide an extract of the migrated data from the destination environment to ensure post-migration data integrity.


Dynamic data handling
By identifying areas where data may need to be translated, split, or merged in the new environment, LabVantage Migration Services can ensure data is handled properly throughout the migration.


Execution & exception handling
LabVantage Migration Services uses a combination of ETL and our own APIs to manage exceptions caused by integrity constraints or new workloads.

LabVantage can help you migrate to a feature-rich LIMS with a hands-on approach that delivers a fast, accurate, and smooth transition—with no loss of momentum.

Questions about migrating to a feature-rich LIMS?