LIMS for OIL and GAS

One comprehensive lab informatics platform for petrochemical and refining data management

LabVantage offers a pre-configured oil and gas LIMS for fast, easy deployment

Organizations in the petrochemical and refining industries must balance many challenges, from intelligently managing resources to complying with strict quality control. Aging information management systems that lack modern architecture can also interfere with the C-Suite’s strategic goals for digitalization.

LabVantage Oil and Gas is an industry-tailored LIMS platform that will solve these issues, and more. The pre-configured, purpose-built LIMS platform delivers industry functionality and workflows, dramatically reducing the deployment time – 75% compared to a traditional LIMS implementation. Essential workflows and best practices are in place right out of the box.

In addition to testing quality throughout the product manufacturing lifecycle, companies can also leverage built-in, AI-driven analytics to help focus on what samples to test or narrow the possible formulations to consider during early product formulation stages. By focusing on the most likely solutions, your R&D lab can save time, improve outcomes, and reduce costs.

Count on LabVantage Oil and Gas:

  • Highly configurable, 100% browser-based enterprise LIMS platform with zero footprint, reliable security, and open architecture for maximum flexibility
  • Centrally hosted for global deployment, able to support hundreds of concurrent users. Choose deployment method of SaaS or on-premise.
  • Embedded ELN, LES, and SDMS for day-to-day operations, research productivity, data management, SOP compliance, and instrument interfacing – including Waters Empower and Chromeleon Connectors for integrating chromatography instruments.
  • Built-in quality control for compliance with ISO 17025, 21 CFR Part 11, Annex 11, GxP, GLP, and EPA requirements.
  • Industry-specific features and functionality, including:
    • Real-time data for continuous improvement of the production process, monitoring batch and sample testing, and generation of Certificate of Analysis (CoA) for Advanced Quality Management.
    • Convenient hierarchical definition of sample collection sites, automated scheduling and monitoring of samples across various locations and sample points based on predefined tests and specifications.
    • Hot-spot visualization for excursions within facilities using image-maps.
    • Statistical Process Control (SPC) for control charts and trending analysis.
    • Ability to manage Safety Data Sheets and hazardous materials handling details, such as packaging labels.
    • Standard reports and dashboards to present transactional data with at-a-glance graphics.
    • Tags for Process Control Systems with the ability to import/export samples and results.
    • Tools for effectively managing testing schedules, validating and verifying testing specifications to process shipments involving batches.
    • Sample Sequential Routing to route a sample to various laboratories based on testing order.

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Wondering how LabVantage Oil and Gas pre-configurations speed your deployment and optimize lab performance?

Why Choose LabVantge Oil and Gas:

Manage milestones

LabVantage Oil and Gas lets users take samples at every stage in the manufacturing process to be certain intermediate milestones are being met. Then, at the final stage, you can quickly grade products for maximum profit and timely shipments.

Streamline enterprise applications

Boost productivity and trim waste throughout the organization, managing the full laboratory needs of an energy company with one integrated solution. The LIMS embeds a full-featured ELN, LES, and SDMS – no point solutions to knit together – for use from upstream to downstream.

Print required safety labels

Generate necessary pictogram safety labels in-solution, without the hassle of integrating third-party point solutions; labels are compliant with OSHA and Hazard Communication Standard requirements.

Integrate to 3rd-party equipment and devices

The LabVantage architecture easily integrates with mixed-reality equipment, such as virtual and augmented reality headsets if bench space is limited, if gloved hands make touchscreen applications impractical, or if a computer station would jeopardize a clean lab’s sterile conditions.

Flexible architecture

LabVantage’s open architecture is highly flexible so you can adapt to changing protocols and reporting requirements—without needing to hire advanced programmers. The 100% web-based, HTML5 solution provides responsive screens for mobile applications, critical in field exploration and pipeline management.

Accelerator for repaid deployment

LabVantage Oil and Gas provides a significant jumpstart on deployment with industry-specific modules, forms, and master data fields already configured in the delivered solution.

Learn how to increase your Oil and Gas R&D to production labs’ productivity.

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