Public Health LIMS

Global public health labs benefit from pre-configured lab informatics platform

Labs serving the public health mission need a comprehensive solution for data management and insights

Public health departments experienced unprecedented levels of stress to their organizational processes during the Covid-19 pandemic, with many realizing their existing systems are outdated. Now is the time to modernize, connecting relevant departments, ensuring data integrity, and providing secured, shared access to data and data insights. The LabVantage LIMS platform for public health laboratories helps you fully optimize your labs and departments, from Microbiology and Infectious Diseases to Forensic Toxicology, Pathology and Special Pathogens. Even Newborn Screening can be efficiently managed in our single platform solution for public health.

LabVantage LIMS delivers productivity, security, quality, and regulatory compliance in a single solution that embeds full-featured Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN), Laboratory Execution System (LES), and Scientific Data Management System (SDMS) for streamlined operations. Unlike outdated solutions, LabVantage LIMS also provides public health laboratorians with predictive and prescriptive analytics that can help translate scientific and external data into meaningful insights. Your organization can meet its mission of keeping communities well.

Data management capabilities include:

  • Collecting samples, testing, and reporting results and findings to the governmental agencies and organizations that can take action to improve public health
  • Environmental monitoring for natural and manmade contaminants that threaten health
  • Surveilling and detecting pathogens in foods and the food supply
  • Identifying and analyzing infectious diseases and testing populations while protecting patient privacy
  • Monitoring for early detection of new threats – biological, chemical, and radiological

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Why Choose LabVantage LIMS for Public Health

Streamlined Operations

The integration of LIMS, LES, ELN, and SDMS in a single solution significantly streamlines your operations. The combined solution ensures compliance to all steps in a method, automatic data capture, access to SOPs and all sample, test, and QC results, as well as integration with lab equipment, instruments, and other systems like electronic health and medical records. The LES also integrated with mixed reality headsets for handsfree operation and voice commands.

Highly Flexible

LabVantage LIMS is one of few LIMS built on 100% browser-based, HTML5 open architecture rather than a proprietary language, so it is easily configurable – no coding required. It can accommodate a full range of analytical requirements for air, water, and soil testing, forensic toxicology investigations, biomonitoring to identify and eliminate health threats, as well as diagnostics, epidemiology, and many more.

Rapid Deployment

LabVantage LIMS can be deployed via SaaS, cloud-hosting, or on-premise. With a full range of public health lab management functionality already built-in, the solution can be up and running out-of-the box, no customizations needed. One comprehensive solution also streamlines deployment, requiring just one vendor for support, administration, and training.

Secure Online Portal

Obtain access to reports via LabVantage’s self-service, secure online portal that allows you to share data with colleagues, make assignments, request reports, and monitor testing results. Instruments can be connected, too. Using Performance Asset Optimization, you can order tests and kits via the portal that is fully ETOR compliant.

Advanced Analytics

Automate delivery of configurable reports with alerts for preset and AI-derived out-of-spec results so you can detect trends in early stages and identify possible threats. Integrate with other labs and organizations for threat analysis, including LRN-C, LRN-B, and LRN-R. LabVantage Analytics – easily integrated with the LIMS platform – is a full-featured, self-service advanced analytics solution that lets users explore, analyze, and visualize data to gain actionable business insight. Delivered with 1000+ AI algorithms and 500+ visualization options.

Administration and Compliance

Supports interoperability with CDC-required formats, HL7, and CDC Data Modernization Initiative. Incudes compliance with all necessary regulations and standards, including NELAC/NELAP, CLIA, CAP, ABFT, 21 CFR Part 11, HIPAA, GDPR and ISO 17025, for the highest security and quality provisions in the public health market.

What’s the technology power behind LabVantage LIMS?

With 40 years of experience providing digital informatics solutions, LabVantage has the processing expertise and insight to help you meet your specific public health needs. Our highly configurable, web-based lab informatics platform powers hundreds of labs globally, large and small.

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