Worry-free management of biospecimens with a purpose-built Biobanking LIMS

LabVantage Biobanking LIMS meets your unique and complex needs, including data privacy and security

LabVantage Biobanking, a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) pre-configured specifically for biorepositories and biomedical labs, helps you manage the collection, storage, retrieval, and use of biospecimens—all according to biobanking industry regulations and ethical considerations. With the vast majority of required biobanking functionality delivered out-of-the-box, LabVantage Biobanking accelerates and de-risks implementation.

Providing one of the earliest and feature-rich dedicated biobanking solutions, LabVantage is committed to anticipating and meeting your evolving needs:

  • A single platform for biobanking data management, integrating LIMS, ELN, LES, and SDMS – no point solutions to knit together
  • Ability to connect the right people to the right biospecimens quickly and securely – fostering collaboration and driving innovation
  • Enforced compliance with the latest regulations, ISBER best practices, and CAP/BAP – for confidence in your results
  • Enhanced privacy control with user-configurable Protected Health Information (PHI) masking –compliantly anonymize patient and specimen information
  • A visualization tool for a hierarchical view of study and specimen storage, showing the freezers, boxes, samples, and plates within them – find what you need, when you need it

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Learn what makes LabVantage Biobanking unique​

Meeting the needs of researchers

Biobanking Workflow

LabVantage Biobanking is preconfigured for biorepository workflows and collaboration among researchers and others.


Confidence and reliability

LabVantage’s highly reliable solution for biorepositories and biobanks helps you meet data integrity regulations enforced by the U.S. FDA’s 21 CFR Part 11 or the EU’s Annex 11, as well as GDPR, California Privacy Act, and HIPAA regulations for participant privacy and consent. The solution also supports industry-standard best practices proposed by ISBER and CAP’s BAP.

Accelerated deployment

Deploy up to 75% faster than a typical LIMS with out-of-the-box pre-configurations specific to biobanking.

Participant- and data-centric longitudinal studies

You have the flexibility to choose a participant-centric data management approach, or you can opt for a longitudinal approach to focus on how data changes over time.

Data migration from legacy systems

We’ve built workflows and templates to help you easily migrate existing data to LabVantage Biobanking LIMS, without risk of losing valuable details – even comments and notes.

Scale for growth and change

As your needs change, LabVantage Biobanking scales to match your evolving requirements. You can comply with ever-changing regulations, pursue new opportunities, or expand into new areas of research.

Most Secure Technology in the Industry

Our LIMS is 100% HTML5 web-based, giving networked users access to information from one secure, easy-to-use system – whether they are in the lab or at a partner’s facility around the world. Hosted on-premises or via SaaS, the system also securely connects labs with 3rd parties, like manufacturing partners, allowing for shared, harmonized data.

Consolidating Several Biorepositories into LabVantage Biobanking​

LabVantage provides all the features you need to effectively run your biorepository

  • All the benefits of a traditional LIMS platform – delivered OOB – such as sample lifecycle management, laboratory execution, data retrieval, instrument interfacing, security and auditing, and dynamic scheduling
  • Connectivity to EMR, CTMS, Electronic Data Capture (EDC), and e-signature capture
  • Your choice of deployment method: SaaS or on-premises
  • Ability to track specimens along the complete lifecycle, including genealogy of aliquots, derivatives, and pooled samples
  • Protected data integrity by pre-established specimen accessioning so users comply with standardized terminology
  • Built-in best practices and quality control, minimizing risk

Ready to see LabVantage Biobanking in action?