Supporting a multitude of laboratory types across government agencies

Optimize decision-making with LabVantage’s modern laboratory data management solutions and implementation strategies

Government agencies worldwide face a broad range of challenges as they strive to develop critical products and materials, protect the health and safety of the public, and enforce government mandates. Government labs are at the heart of solving these challenges – from checking the accuracy of labeling to testing compliance with interstate commerce, conducting clinical research, fighting crime, and enforcing environmental regulations. Flexibility, security, and data integrity are often high priorities – the common thread shared across laboratories at all levels of government. 

As a GSA Schedule 70 contract holder in the US, LabVantage helps federal, state, and local organizations do more science and less administrative work, and fully optimize lab resources. Globally, the LabVantage LIMS platform improves laboratory performance for all types of government laboratories in a single solution. These labs support efforts to:

  • Field enhanced military equipment
  • Fight crime
  • Protect public, military, and veterinary health
  • Support clinical trials
  • Innovate the product development life cycle
  • And more

LabVantage LIMS embeds a full-featured ELN, LES, and SDMS for tracking and sharing findings, notes, documents, photos, and data captured in the field; for enforcing SOPs; and enabling instrument integration. Unlike outdated solutions or disparate applications, the LabVantage platform also provides government labs with fully integrated predictive and prescriptive analytics capabilities that can turn critical data into reliable insights. The solution also provides a secure online portal for safely and compliantly collaborating with external partners who may need to enter requests and view reports and results.

LabVantage LIMS helps government labs:

  • Identify and analyze infectious diseases and chemical, biological, and radiological threats; test populations and monitor for pandemic and endemic outbreaks
  • Perform quality assurance testing in looking for counterfeits, ensure proper labeling, and identifying safety compliance issues by testing materials for roads and bridges and consumer products
  • Support research-centric agencies that focus on how to date and preserve historical artifacts, and agencies that focus on testing for quality assurance, such as making sure that clothing for troops or paints for tanks comply with specifications
  • Conduct environmental research on topics like global warming, forever chemicals, and potential natural and manmade contaminants that may threaten our health
  • Surveille and detect pathogens in foods and the food supply, screen and monitor for environmental health hazards

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Can your LIMS technology take you into the future? Discover the benefits of LabVantage LIMS.

Why choose LabVantage for Government

Highly Flexible

LabVantage LIMS is one of few LIMS built on 100% browser-based, HTML5 open architecture rather than a proprietary language, so it is easily configurable – no coding required. It can accommodate a full range of analytical requirements for air, water, and soil testing, crime investigations, biomonitoring to identify and eliminate health threats, and a myriad of others. It also manages vast volumes of samples, evidence, specimens, and related data.

Rapid Deployment

LabVantage LIMS is available on-premise, cloud-hosted, or, for fastest deployment, via SaaS. With lab management, risk management framework, and quality assurance functionality already built-in, the solution can be up and running far more quickly than a traditional LIMS. Templates and workflows are available for many applications and industries.

Secure Online Portal

LabVantage provides a self-service, secure online portal that allows departments and agencies to safely and compliantly share data with colleagues, make assignments, request reports, and monitor testing results. Instruments can be connected, too, for collecting and sharing test results. Researchers can request specimens, post findings, and share guidelines.

Administration and Compliance

Interoperability with CDC-required formats, HL7, and CDC Data Modernization Initiative. Compliance with all necessary regulations and standards, including NELAC / NELAP, AAVLD, ABFT, CLIA, 21 CFR Part 11, HIPAA and GDPR. LabVantage LIMS for Government integrates with other labs and organizations for threat analysis, including LRN-C, LRN-B, and LRN-R. Complies with, ISO 27001 and ISO 9000 and 9001, and Good Laboratory Practices. LabVantage also supports lab quality so it can comply with ISO 17025.

GSA Schedule

LabVantage is a GSA Schedule 70 contract holder, so agencies can easily view pricing and other details to help make well-informed purchasing decisions and speed the RFP process.

Government Expertise

LabVantage has expertise that is deep and wide, with team members having worked in a wide variety of governmental organizations across the globe. Solutions, training, and support are available in most languages. Support is available globally, across multiple time zones.

Questions about how LabVantage LIMS will support your government organization’s labs?