LIMS Implementation: A How-To Guide for Success in the Lab

In an earlier blog, we presented a LIMS implementation readiness blueprint, detailing key considerations and to-do items to help the process run smoothly. In this post we’ll take a deeper dive into one of the most important steps, which can have a significant impact on your success: training.

But training who exactly?

When preparing for a LIMS implementation, everyone lists training as a high-priority item. All too often, however, labs only focus on the end users. However, one customer realized that the real secret is to train the LIMS administrative team. A well-trained LIMS administrative team means a better overall understanding of the LIMS core functionality, fewer configurations and redesigns, and more successful implementations.

LIMS Training for the Administrative Team

According to a 2020 webinar by Clarkston Consulting, a strong implementation team is one of the three critical keys to successful LIMS implementation. And training is the key to making that team strong.

LIMS Training for the Administrative Team

If you’ve chosen LabVantage as your LIMS solution, you’re already ahead of the game because it provides you with a fully integrated system out of the box. Learning how to use each piece of its functionality will give you an even greater edge.

All LIMS administrative team members should begin with the LabVantage Administration Training course. This course helps the team create master data and learn basic configurations to meet your organization’s business data management needs. It also teaches the basics of user security, creating dashboards and web page design.

From there each team member should continue training in the areas for which they will be responsible. These training options will allow your team to make the correct design decisions and gain a clear understanding of how the core system works.

Web Page Designer

This is an in-depth review of the LabVantage web page tool kit, enabling users to create and modify web pages.

Jasper Reporting

This course teaches users how to design a new report or modify an existing example. Prior to this session you should have a basic understanding of SQL and relational database theory.

Configuration Management and Transfer (CMT)

This training provides an understanding of how change control in LabVantage affects configurations and master data.

Scientific Data Management System (SDMS)

This is a key session for any organization using SDMS and integrating instruments. Your team will learn how to manage SDMS, setup and monitor collectors, and use Talend to parse the data within LabVantage.

Electronic Laboratory Notebook

If you are using ELN, this course provides an overview for both ELN and LES. In addition, your team will learn how to perform advanced configurations that match your company’s needs.

Workflow Administration

This advanced course requires at least 6 months of working experience as a LabVantage Administrator. Your team will learn how to build workflows, tasks, executions, and security.

Additional LIMS Implementation Training classes for industry specific needs as well. These include:

  • Biobanking: Learn the overall workflow, master data requirements, storage, and other fundamentals of LabVantage’s Biobanking accelerator.
  • Stability Module: You’ll come away understanding how to execute and complete a plan and inventory setup and maintenance.
  • LabVantage Pharma Familiarization: This course provides the fundamentals of LabVantage’s Pharma accelerator.

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Need something different?

If there’s additional training you think your company needs, talk with your LabVantage core team. They’ll be happy to help you find a training solution that meets your unique requirements.