Diagnostics LIMS

Patient- and sample-centered LIMS for clinical and molecular diagnostics

Manage the complete diagnostics lab life cycle with efficiency and strict quality assurance

Clinical and molecular diagnostics labs both face multiple challenges as they strive to manage, process, and track volumes of specimens, often performing complex, next-generation tests. They must oversee quality standards and testing protocols, while keeping response time down, costs low, and efficiency up. This requires diagnostic lab management software like LabVantage Diagnostics LIMS. Only LabVantage Diagnostics offers the depth of industry-specific capabilities, the end-to-end full spectrum of features, and the flexibility to scale and evolve with growing diagnostics organizations.

Whether testing single specimens directly from a physician for a clinical diagnosis or processing a large batch of specimens for a pharmaceutical company researching reactions at the cellular level, LabVantage Diagnostics manages the complexity – and privacy – with ease. The capabilities and workflows you need are already built into our diagnostic accelerator. Out-of-the-box pre-configured forms and templates will make deployment significantly faster and easier than a traditional LIMS, giving you a head start on modernizing your lab. You also can leverage our secure online portal for receiving orders and posting results.

About LabVantage Diagnostics

  • Built on our advanced and highly flexible LabVantage LIMS, it includes out-of-the-box pre-configurations of the vast majority of diagnostics and even biorepository functionality required.
  • Single solution integrating ELN, LES, and SDMS to manage day-to-day lab operations – no point solutions to knit together.
  • For CLIA labs, out-of-the-box capabilities enable you to follow SOPs for generating your reagents and managing your instrumentation. Interface with networkable instruments including liquid handling equipment.
  • The zero-footprint, 100% browser-based HTML5 open architecture is highly flexible, allowing labs to personalize forms, screens, and workflows without needing to learn a vendor-specific language or rely on the organization’s IT team.
  • Restricts unauthorized access to patient or protected data and supports compliance with regulations such as CLIA, GDPR, and CCPA requirements.
  • Provides dashboards to view all your key performance indicators (KPIs) at a glance and track billable activities so you can expedite invoicing.
  • Built-in quality control features help you reduce the number of manual quality checks required by typical paper-based processes.
  • Ability to track and manage consumables and to predict lab capacity to optimize lab performance.

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This lab had a one-of-a-kind test – and needed a one-of-a-kind LIMS solution.

Typical LIMS implementation vs a LabVantage LIMS Accelerator implementation

Typical LIMS

Minimum 12 months to deploy

A massive up-front investment drives this deployment process, beginning with a detailed discovery and documentation of user needs.

Heavily customized systems introduce risk and possible regulation compliance issues.

Customizations can interfere with future upgrades, making it difficult to keep the solution on the current release.

Training timelines are contingent on the complexity of customization and are often a significant factor in typical deployment costs.

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LabVantage Diagnostics LIMS

Deploys in as few as three months

Because this system is already configured for most clinical and molecular workflows using established industry best practices, the implementation process is much more efficient.

Data templates are integrated and the features and functions most commonly relied upon by industry-specific users are engaged and ready.

If further configuration is required, LabVantage’s flexible architecture allows for drag-and-drop personalization that doesn’t interfere with the core code or require specialized knowledge of a programming language.

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Why Choose LabVantage Diagnostics:


Critical features and functionalities are pre-configured to support diagnostics workflows and scientific and business processes without requiring extra coding or customizations to get started. Includes more than 20 different ‘omics’ workflows – a helpful tool for startups.

Online portal

Our secure online portal allows your lab to safely and compliantly receive orders and post results online, streamlining processes for you and your customers.

Enterprise Ready

Adapt and scale the system as your business grows, maintaining support for your laboratory over time. The solution is workflow-agnostic and highly scalable so as you branch out, the LIMS branches with you.


The highly flexible platform will manage a wide range of testing, including Laboratory Developed Tests, next-generation sequencing, whole genome, exome, Illumina, HiSeq, NextSeq, MiSeq, NovaSeq, and HiSeq X. It also easily integrates with your existing CRM and RCM systems for visibility.

Ready to see LabVantage Diagnostics in action?