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Informatics to automate, boost efficiency, and manage high-volume contract laboratory testing

Contract labs come in many types and sizes, specializing in a wide range of testing and market segments, from a reference lab that does blood testing for hospitals, to a lab that does microbiology testing for food and beverage manufacturers. Often the contract lab is one of few resources for unusual tests or highly expensive equipment. Despite the diverse types of situations, contract labs often share common traits, like the need for speed, efficiency, an online portal for entering requests and posting results, and a convenient way to manage the financials and bill clients.

LabVantage LIMS provides contract labs with these essential capabilities, and many more, in one platform. The highly modern and flexible informatics platform helps reduce overhead, cut costs, and standardize processes so that operations are highly efficient. Access to an online portal plays an important role in streamlining order entry and conveying test results. Interfacing with robotics for slide prep and specimen storage is another way operational technology helps increase productivity and speed testing—without compromising quality.

Contract labs can also count on LabVantage for:

  • Embedded full-feature informatics solutions: LIMS, ELN, LES, and SDMS – no point solutions to knit together.
  • Advanced analytics – AI, machine learning (ML), predictive and prescriptive – with prebuilt algorithms and graphical business intelligence (BI) tools.
  • Compliance with strict regulations and standards, including HL7 for patient privacy as well as instrument maintenance and analyst certification, HIPAA requirements, IRB-approved protocols and CLIA, GLP, GCP, 21 CFR Part 11, Annex 11.
  • Built on a zero-footprint, 100% browser-based HTML-5 platform with open architecture for flexibility so you can personalize workflows, protocols, reports, and forms without writing new code or relying on IT.

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Why choose LabVantage for your Contract Lab

The right fit

For multisite organizations and other large enterprises that require a highly tailored LIMS solution, LabVantage LIMS for contract testing can manage complex requirements and thousands of concurrent users without the need for custom coding. LabVantage Express is ideal for smaller quality or analytical testing labs that want pre-determined standard workflows.


LabVantage LIMS is easily configured to integrate with other platform technologies that might be required for testing in a specific field, such as clinical or molecular diagnostics, pathology testing, microbiology for food and beverage testing, and IVF for fertility testing. Numerous specialized workflows have been pre-configured to give you a jump start on deployment.


LabVantage LIMS, with its Work Assignment and Resource Planning (WAP) module, helps you optimize lab resources by assuring that trained and certified personnel, required and properly calibrated instruments, and necessary consumables are available when needed. The flexible sorting, filtering, and calendar features further maximize use of valuable resources.


LabVantage integrates fully with EMR, EHR, and pathology systems, and meets HL7 standards established for patient care as well as instrument maintenance and analyst certification. Consent management for tissue procurement meets HIPAA requirements, and tissue acquisition and distribution. The platform complies with IRB-approved protocols and CLIA, GLP, GCP, 21 CFR Part 11, Annex 11.

Quality assurance

Contract labs must provide reliable, quality work with quick turnaround to stay in business. Their reputation is on the line with every test. Workflows can be set to require medical director signoff or supervisor review in as many steps or processes as you want. Protocols can be established to ensure quality.


LabVantage automates tracking of instrument and resource usage, consumables and reagents, and test completions. This data can be used for billing or integrating with other enterprise accounting systems. The tracking of consumables can also be used for inventory alerts and signaling when reorders are needed.

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