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A close look at the technology engine powering the LabVantage laboratory informatics platform is often enough to convince potential customers to become committed customers. The technology provides an unparalleled level of power compared to conventional Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) available today for laboratories.

Featuring a fully browser-based HTML5-compliant interface, LabVantage’s platform allows effortless configuration without the need for coding, particularly in obsolete or proprietary languages – ensuring that IT staff availability never hinders operations. The zero-footprint system is easy to deploy and support, available from any device, anywhere, and reduces infrastructure costs.

LabVantage supports a variety of application servers as well as modern databases. There are no client programs, apps, or plugins to install. This means you get an enterprise-grade informatics platform that’s easy to deploy, personalize, and scale for changing demands and distinct applications.

Besides the versatile core foundation, we have also pre-configured our enterprise LIMS for accelerated deployment and uptake in several industries we serve, embedding the specific features, compliance, and terminology you need. This eliminates the need for cumbersome customizations, leaving drag-and-drop configurations to accommodate more individual requirements. Pre-validation of the delivered software is also available for customers in regulated industries.

Accelerators, pre-configuration, pre-validation, and SaaS are game-changers that speed deployment, helping you get up and running with out-of-the-box features, no programming needed.

More features are built-in, ready to go. Advanced capabilities, like prescriptive and predictive analytics driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), help you modernize operations. You can leverage valuable insights and speed decision-making.

LabVantage technology is highly robust, flexible, and reliable—exactly what you need to optimize the performance of your labs.

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LabVantage technology supports your end-to-end laboratory needs


LabVantage technology easily integrates with instruments and other business systems. It can be centrally hosted for global deployment, supporting thousands of simultaneous users. The single fully integrated platform – with an embedded ELN, LES, and SDMS functionality – creates a seamless work environment.


Performance is reliable and consistent. Servers can be installed in a cluster arrangement, so load balancers can route client requests to multiple servers within the cluster. If a server fails, client requests are automatically routed to other servers within the cluster so there is no interruption in service.

Database management

LabVantage supports Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server, two industry-leading database management systems. The database server is the repository for all LabVantage data, including metadata generated from LabVantage Web Page Designer – the user interface configuration tool within LabVantage. This metadata is used to drive the runtime architecture and determine business logic execution.


Out of the box, LabVantage uses JasperReports which executes from the application server. Plus, any reporting solution that can retrieve data via LabVantage web services is also supported.


Where you choose to run your LabVantage software – SaaS or on-premises – is entirely up to you. We can help you analyze the risks and total cost of ownership to make a well-informed decision. Our architecture is exceptionally well-suited to running in a virtual computing infrastructure. You can opt for a SaaS subscription-based deployment or maintain full responsibility with on-premises.


LabVantage framework supports integration with instruments and systems across your enterprise. This includes a data integration platform for instrument- and system-interfacing as well as web services for system interoperability. Some useful interfaces include those for barcodes and label printing. One for mixed reality glasses enables virtual, voice-activated access to the system—such as needed for use in cleanroom environments.

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