Virtual CTEC 2020

CTEC 2020

Thank you for your interest in LabVantage CTEC 2020. Our event has concluded, but please enjoy reviewing the schedule and content from this year’s event.

Yes, you can attend CTEC 2020!!

We’ve missed spending time with you and have so much great information to share – about our strategic vision, enhanced products and services, and how it all aligns with your purpose.

Rather than cancel CTEC outright, we’re doing what we do best – using technology to solve problems and deliver better outcomes. That means we’re going virtual with CTEC 2020!

Join us for an exciting, interactive, and informative Virtual CTEC on Thursday, October 29.

Because we have customers around the world, we’ll present the event at two different times so that everyone can attend at their convenience.

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Begins at 1 PM Paris time (GMT+1)

CTEC Americas

Begins at 1PM New York time (GMT-4)

We are keeping it to a four-hour timeframe – enough time to bring the LabVantage community together and for us to share important updates.

As you know, LabVantage CTEC is the best place to learn best practices, network with other customers, find solutions to your latest challenges, and talk to LabVantage Professional Services teams and executives. Our promise is to make this learning and sharing possible during our virtual event. How?

  • Primary video content from LabVantage leadership
  • Video/live-streaming reviews of the latest LabVantage software features by product specialists
  • Virtual discussion groups
  • Side chats with LabVantage staff
  • Electronic polling during discussions
  • One-on-one video consultations
  • Snacks and CTEC gift shipped to you

All within the context of the virtual CTEC event.

You may feel Zoomed-out, but don’t let that stop you from joining us for Virtual CTEC 2020. You’re going to want to see our in-depth demos of the new LabVantage Scientific Data Management System (SDMS) and the new Configuration Management and Transfer (CMT) capabilities.

Comprised of data capture, control, parsing, and storage, the LabVantage SDMS will help your laboratory meet more rigorous data integrity requirements and will lay a foundation for future data science, predictive analytics, and visualizations. Delivered with the SDMS, LabVantage 8.5 will have integrated support for complex, Talend-based instrument drivers, improvements to scheduled tasks, and more.

As for CMT, which in large part replaces the existing CTT functionality, it will provide you much more control and better import/export features. You’ll be able to check-out and check-in objects under modification, organize changes within change controls records you configure, and move data between systems with more visibility on field-level changes than ever before.

Despite a global pandemic that has kept as apart, our virtual CTEC brings our LabVantage community together.

We’ll be so excited to see you!

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We couldn’t have said it better ourselves

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