eLearning accommodates the schedule and speed of the learner. You can take the courses as many times as you wish, whenever you want, and with no travel required. Plus, if there is simply one topic with which you are unfamiliar, you can navigate to that topic within the specific course and review only those materials applicable. Learn more about eLearning here...

LIMS & BI Blog by LABVANTAGE Lisa Hagerty blogs: Is eLearning Right for You? 

Classroom Learning

In House Training is offered at our training centers in Somerset, NJ, USA . If face-to-face, hands-on training is what you are looking for, check out the In House Training courses available to you today! Learn more about Classroom Learning here...

Onsite Training

At LABVANTAGE, we understand that training users to operate a new system is critical to its success. With this in mind, we provide on-site training opportunities that are created specifically to meet the needs, schedule, budget, and requirements of your organization. Learn more about onsite training here...

Virtual Classroom

Virtual Classroom allows you to learn via the web. You can connect from anywhere, no travel required. The LABVANTAGE Virtual Classroom simulates a real classroom environment where you can interact and communicate with the instructor and your fellow students, as well as work exercises either independently or with the assistance of the trainer. Learn more about virtual classroom here...

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