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370 – Configuration Management and Transfer (CMT) Training Syllabus

Configuration Management & Transfer is responsible for the management of LIMS data that enables the user to keep track of the entire lifecycle of LIMS data modifications and ensures that all the data changes are under control. The 2-day course will provide a detailed picture about the Change Control mechanism that will operate on both the configuration and master data. The course would guide us through the implementation of Change Request, Check-In, Check-Out and a Visualization tool. Additionally, CMT provides an improved solution pertaining to Import and Export thereby solving the short comings related to the previous CTT Tool.

Prerequisites and Target Audience

This course is beneficial to all LabVantage users and Administrators who will be implicitly using the Change Control regularly for tracking data changes. A working knowledge of LabVantage LIMS is expected. Completion of 122-Administration is also required. Students should be comfortable with the LIMS feature and should have access to the System Admin menus in LabVantage.

  1. Overview: Overview of Configuration Management & Transfer.
  2. Change Control: Enabling Change Control Mechanism and its configuration.
  3. Change Request: Association of CMT Data Modification to Change Requests, Change Request Life Cycle.
  4. Change Logs: Tracking Down CMT Data Changes using Change Logs, Life Cycle and Queries on Log.
  5. Check In & Check Out: Different Modes of Checking Out, Check In Dialogue & Multiple Check In, Deferred Approach, Buttons and Icons Used.
  6. Property Tree Handling: Handling Property Trees in Different Modes.
  7. CMT Policy: Configuration of CMT Policy catering to Global Change Request, Snapshots (Primary SDC and Embedded SDC) and Transfer Mechanism.
  8. Snapshot Visualization: Overview of Snapshots, Different Way of Visualization, Visualization Modes.
  9. Configuration Transfer Export Import: Overview of Transfer covering the Export and Import aspects.
  10. Property Tree Based Transfer: Export of SDIs linked to Property Tree including Ancestor node.
  11. List & Change Log Based Transfer: List Based Mode, Transfer based on Change Log mode, Change Log SDI grouping.
  12. Transfer Attachments: Transfer of SDI having attachments.
  13. Control Import Items: Import Options and Behaviors, Import Wizard Mechanism, Checksum.
  14. SDC Transfer: SDC Transfer Mechanism.
  15. Global Development Remote Check Out and Check In: Global Development, Repository Operations, Configuration of Remote Check In and Check Out.

Typical daily agenda 

Day OneDay Two
OverviewConfiguration Transfer – Export and Import
Change ControlProperty Tree Based Transfer
Change RequestList and Change Log Based Transfer
Change LogsTransfer Attachments
Check In and Check OutControl Import Items
Property Tree HandlingSDC Transfer
CMT PolicyGlobal Development Remote Check Out and Check In
Snapshot Visualization 

The Materials

You will receive a digital copy of the training materials in PDF format. Hands-on scripted exercises are included.