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170 – Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN and LES)

Eliminate paper notebooks with the LabVantage Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) and Laboratory Execution System (LES) modular extensions to LabVantage. Capture, organize, manage and collaborate experiments and test execution sequences across your organization with ease. Replace your paper lab notebooks and paper method worksheets with confidence by leveraging features designed to increase productivity while reducing errors. The LabVantage ELN and LES are fully embedded in LabVantage LIMS to provide a comprehensive and integrated lab automation solution.

Prerequisites and Target Audience

This two-day course is tailored for LabVantage 8 ELN and LES administrators. Students should complete 122 – Administration training before enrolling in this course.

  1. Introduction: An overview and demonstration of the ELN and LES modules. How workbooks are utilized to organize worksheets.  A look at the worksheet manager which provides the user interface for managing worksheets.  Search for content of worksheets using an ad-hoc query tool.
  2. ELN Overview: Geared toward ELN end users. A detailed look at the creation of an ELN worksheet to record an experiment.  The worksheet will utilize “Sections” for organization of the added content, and “Controls” to provide specific functionality, such as rich text editing, working with spreadsheets, equipment and reagent management, data entry, trending, chemical viewing, viewing details of an SDI (e.g. sample), etc.
  3. LES Overview: Geared toward LES end users.  A detailed look at the creation of an LES worksheet using a predefined global template for organization of content defined within the test method.
  4. ELN and LES Advanced Configuration: Geared toward ELN/LES administrators. This section will cover numerous topics related to administering the ELN/LES modules, such as: ELN Policy, worksheet export options, managing control and worksheet templates, and assigning user privileges related to worksheets.
  5. Advanced Configuration of Control: Geared toward ELN/LES administrators.  A detailed look at the advanced configuration properties for the various ELN and LES controls.