The Benefits of LIMS in the Cloud

LIMS in the CloudFor some time now, the trend in informatics has been to move systems from customer-owned data centers to the cloud – and LIMS is no exception.

Companies of all sizes have been embracing the trend.

Larger companies are seeing the benefits of rapid project-based scalability and better reliability. Even in the largest of companies, tightening budgets and limited staffing can require a change in how you work. Smaller & mid-sized LIMS users see value in different pricing models which can reduce the “getting in the game” cost.

Increasingly, companies are finding that moving the right application to the cloud can be a critical change which drives success.

If you’re considering moving your LIMS to the cloud, you’re probably asking yourself, “What are the benefits?” Here are some:

    • Increased Reliability & Instant Scalability
      The cloud provides the same or more features with better reliability than on-premise solutions. With it, you can quickly spin up resources as needed, deploying thousands of servers in minutes—a stark contrast to the 10-18 weeks it usually takes to set up servers used on-premise. And with most cloud offerings, global access and built-in disaster recovery translates to increased up time – further improving reliability.


    • Flexible Pricing Structures & Resource Scaling
      The flexibility of cloud resources allows you to pay only for what you use. You can easily scale up or down the resources your labs require on-demand to stay in step with your changing needs. Many cloud providers also offer “as a service” features to help you shift work from in-house to the cloud provider, such as Database as a Service, and Backup as a Service – among others.


    • Lower Operational Costs
      Offloading management of your LIMS to the cloud means significant reductions to your operational costs. This one change eliminates the need for your company to take on the investment necessary for hardware refreshes & ongoing maintenance programs.


    • Improved Risk Mitigation
      Cloud computing delivers operational resilience from a risk management perspective. It reduces your risk profile, and can lower the costs of risk mitigation.


  • Improved Business Agility & Productivity
    Instant scalability and the ability to add or remove features as needed means increased agility for your business. And with workforce productivity boosts as high as 30-50%, it is easier – and less risky – for companies to grow and expand.

    The bottom line is that a cloud-based LIMS can benefit … wait for it … your bottom line!

    With budgets and staffing shrinking, you need to change how your lab gets things done. When relying on the cloud, total cost of ownership is less than when using traditional data centers. Moving your LIMS to the cloud can be the change that drives your success.

    Offload Work to Cloud Providers with LabVantage LIMS

    LabVantage is an ideal LIMS platform for cloud implementation since its client side is completely browser-based and supports Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle DBMS. LabVantage is an ideal platform for cloud implementation since its client side is completely browser-based and supports Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle DBMS.

    By partnering with AWS, we use cloud-based LabVantage environments for most development, support and service needs. AWS includes both Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server in their Relational Database Service (RDS) offering.

    The AWS cloud grants you access to more than 165 services, including computing, storage, databases, continuous integration, data analytics, and artificial intelligence. LabVantage Managed Services can perform most administrative functions required for a LabVantage system (Application Server Administration, application configuration/management, etc.).

    LabVantage software was built from the ground up with the end goal of using web technologies with an application server, database server and browser-based client, with no software installed at a client’s site.

    To find out more about how LabVantage in the cloud can get you where you’d like to go, contact us today.