Digital Transformation

Others talk about digital transformation. We make it happen.

Behind the buzzwords is the promise of an enterprise ecosystem in which knowledge flows from one function to another. Bottlenecks disappear. Fragmented systems give way to harmonized operations. Data becomes insight, and insight becomes your competitive advantage.

How do you get there? You start with your labs. You empower them with the most robust and flexible LIMS available, and you integrate that LIMS with lab instrumentation and with all of your other enterprise systems. Then you watch as innovation accelerates, pipelines expand, and revenue climbs. That’s digital transformation, and it’s what we do.

We built this LIMS Platform for you

For every one of your lab activities. Toggling between applications creates complexity for users, stalling the momentum of digital transformation. We solved this problem with a LIMS built for the full scope of lab activities. Within a single platform, users can exchange workflows via an embedded ELN/LES; collect, secure, and store files and data created by instruments and other sources directly into the LIMS with SDMS; and use Analytics to visualize and mine lab and enterprise data.

For smooth integration with your other business systems. Truly digital enterprises see a big payoff each time disparate systems interface with each other. The tighter the handshake, the lower the risks. Our LIMS accomplishes this by using the latest RESTful web services, which smoothly connect your lab to your ERP, MRP, and other enterprise systems.

For harmony between all of your locations and languages. Whether you’re a startup with big plans or a legacy enterprise seeking to connect global sites, we’re with you. We were the first to introduce HTML5 compliance to lab informatics, making our system uniquely positioned to securely support thousands of concurrent users in any language and on any device.

Cut through the hype with our new white paper

Uncover the real impact of “digital transformation” in this white paper, packed with practical advice to help you plan your own transformative journey. We’ll take you inside a digitally native biomanufacturing facility, a consumer goods enterprise with a global footprint, and a world-leading chemical company, showing you how each one uses a harmonized digital ecosystem to compete in crowded industries.

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Navigating the Digital Transformation Journey