What is a LIMS Professional Service Organization or PSO?

What is a LIMS Professional Service Organization or PSO?

A professional service organization (PSO) can boost your laboratory’s efficiency and transform how your organization approaches LIMS implementation projects. In our first post in a series on this topic, we’ll explore what a PSO is and the pivotal role it can play in a successful LIMS implementation.

What is a PSO and when do you need one?

A PSO is a team or department within a software company that provides specialized professional services beyond the organization’s core product offerings. This highly skilled team takes on the management of large-scale company-wide implementation projects by leveraging specialized technology skills and other logistical expertise.

For example, let’s say you’re the CTO or a team member of a LIMS purchasing team. You’re likely focusing on analyzing the features of the LIMS to ensure that the software effectively addresses your unique needs and fits into your organizational workflows.

And, if you happen to work in regulated fields like pharmaceuticals, life sciences, or forensics, you’ll want to be sure your new LIMS can meet the stringent compliance requirements of your industry. Even if your industry is not regulated, your team still needs to be satisfied that the new system will handle your sensitive data without compromising your security or efficiency.

Of course, there are also pragmatic considerations, such as integration with your existing systems, training users while overcoming their resistance to change, and the ever-present budget concerns. Once your team determines that a specific LIMS vendor can fulfill your needs, the next crucial step is selecting a team to assist in the implementation of your LIMS.

This is where a PSO comes into play.

What does a PSO do?

Your primary focus is on your regular business operations rather than the implementation of a new LIMS system. What’s more, your business needs to continue uninterrupted, even if you’re in the process of launching a company-wide LIMS system. You still need to optimize your productivity — and your profits — during the software installation or upgrade.

PSO teams are typically comprised of specialized team members including project managers, business analysts, solution engineers, and testers. The goals of these teams include:

  • Ensuring that the project stays within your budget
  • Keeping the project timeline on track
  • Meeting all your organizational needs — from the moment your LIMS is purchased through a successful go-live.

Engaging the services of a PSO team during your implementation is a proven way to streamline the process and ensure its success. They are well-versed in solving the complicated technical challenges that can arise when getting a LIMS up and running. PSO teams provide a single source for necessary services such as consulting, training, and support. In addition, you’ll enjoy the benefits of access to an expert team that’s dedicated to your satisfaction.

What’s more, PSOs help you implement your digital transformation efforts and drive lasting business improvements. Even though they’re most commonly thought of as an implementation resource, the best PSO teams make themselves available throughout the entire lifecycle of your LIMS to ensure your ongoing success.

What choices do you have when choosing your PSO team?

Company-wide software products can involve substantial costs, often exceeding hundreds of thousands of dollars. With so much at stake, it’s imperative to choose the right PSO team when implementing any new software.

In the LIMS space, there are two primary options for implementation: working with a third-party PSO team or collaborating with the in-house team of the vendor from whom you purchased the LIMS. In Part 2 of this series, we’ll offer a detailed look at the advantages and disadvantages of each of these options.

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