Training for LIMS (Updated)

Updated: September, 2020

At LabVantage, we are firm believers in the importance of training & ongoing education. While developing a cutting edge LIMS platform is important, ensuring our customers can maximize their use of the software is equally as important – if not more important.

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Training for LIMS

Why LIMS Training?
LIMS training is important for a number of reasons. Whether it’s learning how best to configure your LIMS for an efficient startup or providing key users of your system the in-depth knowledge they need to maximize its daily use, training is a key element to both a successful implementation and effective continuing daily use of your LIMS.

Since no two LabVantage clients have the same LIMS configuration, the ability to configure the system to meet specific company or organization needs & workflows is central to success. Training provides the necessary knowledgebase for you to tailor your LIMS as well as leverage its full capabilities – from initial setup and implementation to data acquisition, troubleshooting, external integrations and routine reporting.

We first launched our training program eighteen years ago, in 1992. Since then, we’ve adopted new learning techniques and technologies, and fine-tuned our content & curriculum to keep you abreast of LIMS best practices. Training takes many forms – and will continue to do so, especially in the post-COVID-19 era.

Offsite Training
Today, LabVantage offers a wide variety of training courses to our customers.  (If you have questions about your eligibility to attend, please contact us.) Courses are available at a number of locations in the U.S., including our offices in Somerset, New Jersey and other training facilities around the world.

Onsite Education
We can also bring LabVantage training to you. On-site education is designed specifically to meet the needs, schedule, budget, and training requirements of your organization, while avoiding travel costs and productivity loss.

Virtual Learning
An increasingly popular option – and the primary training method used during the coronavirus pandemic – has been virtual classrooms which simulate a physical classroom environment. Combined with our eLearning modules, these remote learning options get your team up to speed with your LIMS from anywhere in the world. (Read more on Distance Learning: How to Train LIMS Users During Social Distancing.)

Currently available LabVantage courses (click on each title to learn more, view sample itineraries, see course prerequisites and more):

End User
This three-day course teaches you how to operate the LabVantage software using the LIMS site map. From logging a sample to managing a request and all process points in between, you will gain experience in using LabVantage to record and maintain your laboratory’s vital data. 

A four-day course tailored for administrators. You will learn how to create master data and configure LabVantage to suit the data management needs of your company. 

Workflow Administration
This two-day LabVantage Workflow designer course gives you the knowledge needed to develop and deploy Workflows.  Through a series of lessons and hands-on exercises, this course explores the types and uses of variables, transition statements, queue selectors and many other workflow tools.  You will learn how to create and configure steps and tasks in combination with Workflow modifications and other features.

Web Page Designer
Included in the LabVantage toolkit is the ability to modify the page configurations supplied by the LabVantage application. This three-day course will teach you how to use the full Web Page Designer suite so your company can configure LabVantage for your needs. 

Electronic Lab Notebook
Eliminate unnecessary paper records with the LabVantage Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) and Laboratory Execution System (LES) modular extensions to LabVantage. Capture, organize, manage and collaborate experiments and test execution sequences across your organization. Replace your paper lab notebooks and paper method worksheets with confidence by leveraging features designed to increase productivity while reducing errors.

Jaspersoft Reporting
Learn how to design a new report or modify an existing example report using Studio® from TIBCO Jaspersoft. LabVantage offers several different options when it comes to creating your report output. This 2-day developer’s class includes instruction for how to configure and use the Studio design tool. You will then deploy your report using LabVantage. Additionally, you will learn some of the concepts surrounding the LabVantage version 8 data model.

A two-day course shows you how to configure and operate the LabVantage BioBanking module. You’ll learn how to create master data, controlled vocabulary, storage locations and more.

The Stability module is an extension to the core LabVantage application. In this course you learn how to create a long-term study beginning with a plan through execution and completion of the plan in order to evaluate performance when samples have been exposed to different environmental conditions. 

LabVantage provides a solution to satisfy the requirements of any application that must collect and process data in a way that resembles existing paper-based systems. This two-day course will lead you through the development of simple to complex forms. This will include an interface with integrated features that allow easy configuration of complex client-side tasks, such as validation and dynamic display, without using JavaScript or other specialized programming.

LabVantage LIMS training

LabVantage Pharma Familiarization
If you have purchased LabVantage’s Pharma package, you will need an introduction to the software, the Pharma program, and the overall LIMS best practices. This three-day course will be delivered just before the project kick-off to familiarize you with the program to streamline the use of time and efforts during project kickoff, the ensuing workshop, build testing, and end-user acceptance.

Want to learn more about LabVantage LIMS education and training courses? Download the Full Catalog (pdf).

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Editor’s Note – September 14, 2020: This post was originally published February 10, 2018 and has been revised and updated for accuracy.