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    A four-day course tailored for application and laboratory administrators. You will learn how to create master data and configure LabVantage to suit the data management needs of your company. Please register for a specific class date using the links below.
  • The BioBanking module offered by LabVantage is an extension of the core LIMS software. This two-day training will be of interest to end users and administrators alike. Please register for a specific class date using the links below.
  • Learn how to design a new report or modify an existing example report using Studio® from TIBCO Jaspersoft. LabVantage offers several different options when it comes to creating your report output. This 2-day developer’s class includes instruction for how to configure and use the Studio design tool. You will then deploy your report using LabVantage. Additionally, you will learn some of the concepts surrounding the LabVantage version 8 data model.
  • This three-day course will teach you how to use LabVantage's full Web Page Designer suite. Included in the LabVantage toolkit is the ability to modify the page configurations supplied by the LabVantage application. With an additional license (Web Page Designer Pro), you can create new pages and other design elements. Please register for a specific course date using the links below.
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