Customer Care

The test of a great LIMS, and a great LIMS partner, is when something goes wrong. No matter time of day or region of the world, we’re ready to help you get back to full operation. The same is true when you have basic questions to keep your LabVantage LIMS performing optimally.

We offer a comprehensive technical support program that is available 24/7 over the phone  or online. Our VantageCare portal is a centralized technical support and resource center for authorized users to:

  • Submit product issues and inquiries
  • Search known product issues
  • Download patches, software releases, and technical documents
  • Initiate consultations with LabVantage specialists
  • Access our Innovation Center — a hub for LabVantage customers to share source codes, materials, and applications as an open-source community.

In addition, LabVantage customers learn directly how to support their implementations from LabVantage staff and customer presentations at our annual Customer Training & Education Conferences  and from resources  such as customer webinars, case studies, white papers, articles, and FAQs, as well as our blog.

Beyond Traditional Support

With experienced support professionals worldwide, LabVantage covers nontraditional service needs through our Managed Services, including:

  • System Administration
  • Installing software patches and updates
  • Database management
  • Database tuning and optimization
  • Backup and recovery procedures
  • System configuration
  • And much more

24/7 Customer Care Phone Support


LabVantage Customer Care Hotline
Phone: 877.477.LIMS (5467)
Technical support is provided in English and Spanish
SQL*LIMS Customer Hotline



Unified European Customer Care Hotline: 00800-7222-2000
Serving UK & Central Europe Hotline: 44-1494-477999
Technical support is provided in English, as well as in many local languages



LabVantage Customer Care Hotline: +81 366 887 236
Phone: 91-33-3982-4200
Technical support is provided in English