LabVantage Scientific Data Management System

Data Capture for Compliance in a Connected Lab

LabVantage Scientific Data Management System (SDMS) is fully integrated within the LabVantage LIMS and requires no special coding or interfaces between platform components (LIMS, ELN, LES, and SDMS). This provides end-to-end data integrity and results for a more compliant and efficient lab. LabVantage SDMS seamlessly collects and secures files created and maintained in the laboratory and stores them in a protected repository. Results from instruments and other data sources can also be captured and sent directly to the LIMS.

LabVantage SDMS provides:

  • Single, powerful platform and user interface for SDMS, LIMS, ELN, and LES with no integration development required
  • Seamless instrument connectivity and data capture (e.g. emails, real-time streams, local drives, and file shares)
  • Robust data capture, processing, and storage for large data volumes including test results and descriptive metadata
  • End-to-end data integrity with data captured securely and directly and under full audit

Why LabVantage SDMS

Maintain data integrity compliance with a single platform

An integrated SDMS, LIMS, ELN, and LES lets you capture, track, secure, audit, and store data in accordance with the ALCOA+ framework

Increase business intelligence with instrument connectivity

Automated data capture from complex instruments, real-time streams, emails, and other sources (e.g. local drives, file shares) is possible without the need for vendor-proprietary APIs

Gain time and insight by extracting meaningful data directly in the LIMS

Seamlessly capture and store test data and descriptive metadata directly in the LIMS by configuring with powerful Talend-based parsers

Scale lab operations efficiently with an SDMS designed from the ground-up

Accept, process, and store large volumes of data with flexible storage options (e.g. centralized LIMS controlled file system, database, or Cloud storage)

Minimize steps with a single user interface for data and LIMS workflows

Manage complex instruments and data sources with dashboard views, drill-down on instruments and datasets, dataset views across instruments, and more

Reduce bandwidth bottlenecks

Deploy data collectors on local servers with pull or reference data collection methods for large datasets and/or connections with remote locations

Learn more about LabVantage SDMS

LabVantage is trusted by companies – both large and small – across industries to run their labs. Contact us to learn more about how our single, powerful LIMS platform with embedded SDMS, ELN, and LES enables instrument connectivity and secure data integrity for your lab.

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