LabVantage Analytics

Advanced Analytics for Your Lab: Transform All Data into Actionable Business Insights

LabVantage Analytics is a full-featured, self-service advanced analytics solution that gives you full control to explore, analyze, and visualize lab, enterprise, and even external data to gain valuable insights. Transforming scientific, business, and external data into knowledge can speed new discoveries, increase lab throughput, improve quality of outputs, and reduce waste and downtime.

Based on the powerful Elastic Stack open-source search platform, and designed by analytics experts, LabVantage Analytics uses business intelligence with machine learning/artificial intelligence capabilities to track and trend KPIs and predict and alert on issues before they happen. And, because it seamlessly integrates with LabVantage LIMS, end users can analyze LIMS data while maintaining data integrity and security.

New Solutions within LabVantage Analytics

Laboratory Performance Optimizer (LPO)

The Laboratory Performance Optimizer solution leverages artificial intelligence on disparate data sets to optimize processes and provide a 360-degree view of the lab. With LPO, you’ll gain meaningful insights from data for smart decision-making. Greater visibility and optimization help modern labs achieve more, faster, while reducing cost.

Clinical Pharmacology Modeling (CPM)

Clinical labs benefit from a model-informed, drug development (MIDD) process. The Clinical Pharmacology Modeling (CPM) solution seamlessly integrates with LabVantage LIMS to provide high-throughput, template-driven utilities, enabling scientists to: accelerate analysis turnaround times, ensure analysis consistency, increase computational efficiency, and reduce overall time and cost in bringing drugs to market.

LabVantage Analytics provides:

  • Self-service analytics with point-and-click dashboards and visualizations and a flexible query tool for ad-hoc data mining that doesn’t require IT support
  • 360° view of lab operations directly from LabVantage LIMS including visualization of lab and enterprise system data
  • Data integrity by design, inheriting security, permissions, and data integrity features that are built into LabVantage LIMS
  • Advanced analytics with AI / machine learning that looks for patterns, behaviors, opportunities, and risks; predicts future outcomes; and provides recommended actions
LabVantage Analytics

Why LabVantage Analytics

Seamless integration with LIMS

LabVantage Analytics is accessible from within LabVantage LIMS, providing a single user interface and workflow empowering users to explore data without barriers or delays

Boost business intelligence

Self-service business intelligence with 20+ chart types and 520+ widgets that enable users to analyze and visualize LIMS data in meaningful ways; personalization of workspaces allows users to explore their own data sets

Predict the future and adapt using the power of your data

Machine learning / AI with predictive and prescriptive analytics includes recommendations engine with proactive alerting

Gain deep insight from lab data

Self-service AI with built-in statistical and machine learning models through user friendly drag-and-drop features

Secure critical lab data for data integrity

LabVantage Analytics inherits security and compliance features from LabVantage LIMS

Go live quickly and speed user adoption

Pre-built use cases and dashboards on lab data enable organizations to quickly realize the benefits from the investment

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LabVantage is trusted by companies – both large and small – across industries to run their labs. Contact us to learn more about how our LabVantage Analytics can help you unlock your lab and enterprise data into actionable business insights.

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