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Get more from your laboratory data with LabVantage, the most modern, flexible, and intelligent laboratory information management system (LIMS) in the market.

Trusted by organizations large and small  across numerous industries, the LabVantage platform provides the basis for your digital transformation.

Featuring embedded ELN, LES, SDMS, and integrated advanced analytics, LabVantage helps your lab run more efficiently — automating tasks, eliminating paper, and integrating with your instruments and systems. Our flexible, robust system and experienced professional services team minimize the risk of project delays or failures. Once live, the system easily adapts to your organization’s evolving business requirements and cybersecurity protection needs. LabVantage reduces your total cost of ownership with lower maintenance and training costs.

The Platform

LabVantage’s laboratory informatics solution includes – in a single, unified platform – our Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) with Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN), Laboratory Execution System (LES), Scientific Data Management System (SDMS), and LabVantage Analytics product. Embedding the ELN, LES, SDMS, and Advanced Analytics into the LIMS platform maintains a consistent user experience and limits the need to manage multiple vendor solutions or expensive complex interfaces.

Platform Advantages:

  • LabVantage Analytics – provides self-service advanced analytics that give you full control to explore, analyze, and visualize lab and enterprise data to gain valuable business insights and make better-informed decisions.
  • LabVantage ELN – helps users easily capture, organize, and manage data, while collaborating on experiments.
  • LabVantage LES – eliminates unnecessary paper records as part of test execution workflows across your organization, providing electronic worksheets to capture all testing data and to enforce the stepwise execution of lab tests.
  • LabVantage SDMS – enables the easy, secure capture of all instrument-related data files and results. With robust and flexible storage options, it simplifies your data management, reduces data bottlenecks, and ensures data integrity.
  • Configuration Management and Transfer – manages and controls changes you make to your LIMS configuration and master data. Work within administration teams to make and document changes with full auditing, approval, and promotion of changes for validation and updates to production.
  • Portal – extends secure and appropriate self-service access to LIMS for external clients, eliminating manual requests for tests and other services while protecting valuable data in your LIMS database.

Increase your lab’s productivity with LabVantage. Our multifaceted informatics platform delivers – out of the box – essential solutions for transforming scientific data into knowledge and improved outcomes.

LabVantage 8.8 Delivers More Power, Reliability, and Value

Exemplifying a commitment to continuous improvement, LabVantage 8.8 increases the accuracy, speed, usability, and security of the LIMS platform. Notable enhancements include:

  • Intelligent approvals – Applies rules-based AI to streamline and speed data reviews. Manual approvals are enabled by exception only, as automatic approvals take place unless there is an exception.
  • Automatic redo calculations – If users forget to manually re-calculate values, it can affect final, intermediate, and downstream accuracy. Automatic redo calculations automatically triggers re-calculation when a reference is modified to improve accuracy and data quality.
  • Cyber protection – Enhanced security against OWASP Top 10 threats, and includes third-party certification of testing.
  • Accessibility – LabVantage Portal is certified for compliance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) international standard, Section 508, to provide increased accessibility to the platform.

LabVantage 8.7 Introduces Secure Web Portal

The latest version of LabVantage LIMS includes a redesigned web portal that lets LabVantage customers extend appropriate access rights to their clients outside the laboratory. This new Portal protects customers’ valuable and sensitive data, while eliminating the need for manual requests for tests and other services.
A new, next-generation user interface makes Portal features easier than ever to use for those outside the lab needing access to data but who are not familiar with LIMS.

LabVantage 8.7 Highlights:

  • A secure customer self-service web Portal for external clients of the lab, ensuring faster and more complete client-submitted requests and direct access to more meaningful information and data.
  • Customers’ choice of “apps” that deliver various functions, such as Portal account management, request submissions, status tracking and test-results viewing, and requests for test kits.
  • Simple and intuitive user experience with clean, cockpit-style screens that allow users to navigate safely, efficiently, and with little or no training.
  • Lab administrator self-support leveraging existing LabVantage knowledge of functions, configuration tools, and other skills.

LabVantage 8.6 and Cybersecurity

With our newest release, LabVantage 8.6 takes a much more proactive approach to cybersecurity. While LabVantage LIMS has always been secure, system security takes on an even higher priority in our product and our company culture – making our platform an exceptionally breach-resistant addition to your technology stack.

LabVantage 8.6 Highlights

Hacks and breaches are headline news. LabVantage 8.6 takes this head on with:

  • The adoption of SonarQube to evaluate and scan source code for potential vulnerabilities
  • Expanded use of Atlassian’s Jira software to track code more closely and increase the visibility of potential security issues during development
  • Magic-byte detection – a list of file signatures and data that can identify or verify file contents to ensure malicious files cannot be uploaded and to review third-party libraries, guaranteeing legacy libraries and plug-ins were upgraded
  • A partnership with a third-party cybersecurity firm to regularly perform ongoing, objective penetration testing of the LabVantage platform
  • Monitoring of the OWASP Top 10, which tracks the top current critical risks to web-based applications like LabVantage LIMS
  • Training internal staff as Certified Ethical Hackers

LabVantage 8.5 Highlights

Scientific Data Management System

  1. Immediately capture externally generated data, whether from complex instruments, real-time data sources or incoming emails and other file sources (e.g., local drives, file shares)
  2. Control and secure against data loss or modification
  3. Create powerful Talend-based parsers to extract meaningful data and process into the LIMS
  4. Reduce bottlenecks by deploying distributed collectors
  5. Utilize robust storage options including a centralized LIMS controlled file system, database, or AWS Cloud storage
  6. Quickly link back to files and rapidly access and restore them for further use

Configuration Management and Transfer

  • Easily identify configuration changes by setting the scope of change, managing change requests through to approval, and through a dynamic and visualized change log with rollback capability
  • Simplify managing changes across teams and eliminate conflicting updates with check-out/ check-in and remote development capabilities
  • Move configuration changes between LIMS environments with a new, powerful and simplified export/import process

Other Enhancements

  • Customer-requested ELN features for power and ease of use
  • Improved attachment management
  • Security and vulnerability updates
  • Productivity improvements for biobanking

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