Lab Informatics Solution

The Most Modern Informatics Platform Available

LabVantage, the most modern and flexible informatics solution in the market, is trusted by companies – both large and small – across numerous industries to run their labs.

Our platform helps your lab run more efficiently, automating tasks, eliminating paper, and integrating with your instruments and systems. With our flexible, robust system and experienced professional services team, you can minimize the risk of project delays or failures. Once live, the system easily adapts to your organization’s evolving business requirements. LabVantage reduces your total cost of ownership with lower maintenance and training costs.

The Platform

LabVantage’s comprehensive solution integrates Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS), Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN), Laboratory Execution System (LES), and Scientific Data Management System (SDMS). Embedding the ELN, LES, and SDMS into the LIMS maintains a consistent user experience and limits the need to manage multiple vendor solutions or expensive complex interfaces.

With an ELN and LES, LabVantage eliminates unnecessary paper records and helps users easily capture, organize, and manage data, while collaborating on experiments and test execution workflows across your organization.

Our integrated SDMS enables the easy, secure capture of all instrument-related data files and result capture. With robust and flexible storage options, it simplifies your data management, reduces data bottlenecks, and ensures data integrity.

With our new and powerful Configuration Management and Transfer feature, you can easily control changes you make to your LIMS configuration and master data with full auditing and change approvals capabilities.

Increase your lab’s productivity with LabVantage’s fully integrated platform.

LabVantage 8.5

This newest release of LabVantage, v 8.5, broadens our platform to include a Scientific Data Management System within our LIMS alongside our ELN and LES. It also features a new and improved Configuration Management and Transfer feature for greater admin productivity and better control of your LIMS, and we’ve made some timely enhancements to our ELN for ease of use.

LabVantage 8.5 Highlights

Scientific Data Management System

  1. Immediately capture externally generated data, whether from complex instruments, real-time data sources or incoming emails and other file sources (e.g., local drives, file shares)
  2. Control and secure against data loss or modification
  3. Create powerful Talend-based parsers to extract meaningful data and process into the LIMS
  4. Reduce bottlenecks by deploying distributed collectors
  5. Utilize robust storage options including a centralized LIMS controlled file system, database, or AWS Cloud storage
  6. Quickly link back to files and rapidly access and restore them for further use
Learn more about LabVantage SDMS

Configuration Management and Transfer

  • Easily identify configuration changes by setting the scope of change, managing change requests through to approval, and through a dynamic and visualized change log with rollback capability
  • Simplify managing changes across teams and eliminate conflicting updates with check-out/ check-in and remote development capabilities
  • Move configuration changes between LIMS environments with a new, powerful and simplified export/import process

Other Enhancements

  • Customer-requested ELN features for power and ease of use
  • Improved attachment management
  • Security and vulnerability updates
  • Productivity improvements for biobanking