From data retrieval to lab execution to sample lifecycle management, the LabVantage platform is built better to deliver the features and functionalities you need, without writing code. Our solution is easily configured to meet your specific requirements.

See the many capabilities available in LabVantage

Manage the sample lifecycle using a variety of out-of-box features.

Sample Management

Manage samples through their entire lifespan with end-to-end traceability.

Batch Management

Process and test samples in raw material or finished product batches.

Analytical Quality Control (AQC)

Monitor the accuracy of analytical methods, through the use of control samples.

Consumables Management

Manage reagents, standards and other laboratory consumables lifecycle.

Inventory Management

Inventory management for samples, reagents, and other items in the laboratory.

Stability Management

Manage shelf-life testing and product batch stability.

Sample Monitoring/Environmental Monitoring

Convenient hierarchical definition of sample collection sites, automated scheduling and monitoring of samples across various locations and surfaces.

Request Management

Handle submission, review, testing and release of externally submitted samples.


Schedule tasks or events including sample registration, reports and work.

Enforce laboratory process and ensure compliance to standard operating procedures (SOP) and lab methods. Increase throughput while reducing learning time and errors.

Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN)

Eliminate unnecessary paper records. Capture, organize, manage and collaborate experiments and test execution workflows across your organization with ease.

Laboratory Execution System (LES)

Guide the laboratory user through tasks in a step by step manner.

Workflow Designer

Easy-to-use designer to model laboratory processes in system.

Analyst Certification

Track user certification to execute test procedures.

Activity History

View all activities that have occurred in a workflow.

Barcode Generation

Print appropriately formatted barcodes using Seagull Scientific Bartender integration.

Laboratory Investigation

Identify, investigate, and report incidents occurring through laboratory operations.

Instrument Management

Track usage, maintenance and calibration of instruments and their parts.

Plate and Gel Handling

Manage handling and processing of plates, gels and other arrays.

LabVantage provides several options for getting data out of the system.

Master Data Navigator

Speed creation and maintenance of laboratory mater data.


View all your key performance indicators (KPIs) at a glance.

Ad-hoc Query

Define a data query using search filters and export data.

Search Engine

Built-in search engine to look for data across the system.


On-demand reporting and data visualization using industry standard tools.

Advanced Analytics

Self-service capabilities for exploring, analyzing, and visualizing lab and other data to make better-informed decisions

LabVantage reliably captures and stores data from simple and complex instruments as well as other systems, which increases automation and reduces data entry errors.

Scientific Data Management System (SDMS)

Collect, process, and store all instrument files, email, and other sources with traceability and control.  Visually create parsers to upload results into LIMS.

System Interfacing

Utilize RESTFul web services to fully interact with other outside business systems such as ERP, MRP, MES, QMS and others.

SAP Integration

SAP bi-directional data transfer between any SAP module and LabVantage.

NWA Integration

Perform stability analytics and other statistical charting and analysis through a seamless interface with the NWA Quality Analyst solution.

Instrument Integration

With user-defined visual parsing, capture data from a variety of instruments and devices.  Support bi-directional interfaces, and capture and secure all data files with SDMS.

Empower Connector

Embed LabVantage in Empower to provide a direct bi-directional interface with LIMS.

LabVantage provides security and auditing options to ensure data safety and compliance with regulations.

Data Privacy

Enhance protections for individual data and generate GDPR and other compliance reports.


Store and view changes made to records.

Single Sign-on

Enable single sign-on using LDAP or other SSO implementations.

Electronic Signature

21 CFR Part 11/Annex 11 requirements for electronic records and signatures supported.

Data Security

Restrict access to data based on role, department or object-level permissions.

LabVantage framework provides a number of capabilities that make usage, configuration and management of the system easy.

Bulk Data Import

LabVantage Data File Definition (DFD) feature offers multiple new data validation options, improved error reporting for faster troubleshooting, and other useful features.

Data Import

Import and process data from different file formats (CSV, delimited, XML and Excel).


Add notes and comments to any data item including samples, results, etc.


Unicode, multilingual, time zones, regional settings, date formatting support.


Enter data in a form that looks and feels like a paper form.

Web Services

RESTful and SOAP-based (Axis and JAX) web services enable easy integration with other systems.

Configuration Tools

Configure and extend user interface, data model and business logic without programming.

More robust BioBanking module with enhanced features that streamline sample handling.

Accessioning Functionality

Integration of sample receipt and subject creation provides a comprehensive view for protocol and non-protocol studies.

Consent Management

Visual icons reflect consent status on participant and sample list pages making it easier to search for sample based on consent answers.

Specimen Management

Track and manage specimens in storage including any freeze/thaw requirements. Manage packaging and shipping, as well as searching and pulling of stored specimens.

Improved usability and advanced scheduling functionality.

Graphical Image Map

Allows for quick detection of test performance and scheduling.

Calendar View

Provides ability to view future schedules and historic samples.

Total Outlook

Manage tests across multiple plan items.

Increased storage capabilities, simplified data retrieval and faster product development boost formulation processes.

Archival and Storage

Ability to archive and store all previous formulations.

Data Retrieval

Easier to gather data for new product submission or patent.

Enhanced Formulation Management and Search

Speeds up new product development and reduces duplication.

Improve laboratory management and shorten implementation cycles with more out-of-box capabilities.

Work and Resource Planning (WAP)

The WAP module allows laboratory planners to see current and upcoming work and issue assignments based on workloads and capacity.

Configuration Management and Transfer (CMT)

Easily control changes you make to your LIMS configuration and all master data with full auditing and change approvals capabilities. Easily promote changes between LIMS environments.

Automated Issue Tracking and Submission

Speed up the facilitation and resolution of support issues – log and track support requests directly to LabVantage from within LIMS, easily add screen shots and attachments as needed.

Out-of-box simplicity

Clear, simple, and responsive user interface provides a better user experience.  Visual interface easily guides users through daily tasks.