Oil & Gas Industry: Extracting Efficiency from Your LIMS

LabVantage OandGToday’s O&G lab is highly-integrated, efficient, and data-centric – with a focus on making data actionable in near real-time. A laboratory information management systems (LIMS) is key to helping labs function in a timely manner.

In the petrochemical industry, LIMS are employed for a wide variety of tasks to support global operations. Among some of the most common uses:

  • Batch & Sample Management
  • Testing Schedules & Sample Monitoring Management
  • Image-Map Hot-Spot Visualization in Facilities
  • Safety Data Sheet Maintenance
  • Instrument Maintenance & Calibration Tracking

Efficient Workflows Differentiate LIMS
Workflows – and their efficiency – have long been a differentiator among LIMS platforms. A LIMS that has been optimized & configured for one particular industry is not necessarily a good candidate for a completely different industry or application. Workflows need to be sector-specific, hence the emergence of out-of-the-box industry LIMS solutions.

In an earlier post we discussed LabVantage’s web-based preconfigured (OOB) LIMS options, which deliver cost-effective, rapid-launch solutions for a range of industry applications.

What to Look For in a LIMS for the Petrochemical Industry
An Oil & Gas LIMS should provide:

  • Global Accessibility.
    Centralized hosting for global deployment and support for hundreds of concurrent users.
  • Managed Compliance Enforcement.
    Today’s petrochemical lab needs to achieve regulatory compliance, supporting a need for high-sample throughput with audit trails to track deviations.
  • Reduced Data Transcription Errors.
    Instruments should feed results directly to the LIMS for increased efficiency and accuracy. The LIMS should eliminate the need to manually collect and cross-reference information from different sources, common with paper or Excel based systems.
  • Increased Efficiency and Reduced Costs.
    Processing facilities should be able to easily access real-time laboratory information, resulting in continuous improvement of the production process while reducing or controlling production costs.
  • Easy Access to a Plant’s Environmental Testing Compliance.
    You should be able to visualize and monitor sample points based on predefined tests and specifications, with easily located hotspots in your facility using image-maps.

LabVantage Oil & Gas LIMS
LabVantage’s LIMS for Oil & Gas labs is a pre-configured, cost-effective and purpose-built solution for the petrochemical and refining industries. It delivers effective workflows while helping to keep labs in compliance with numerous regulatory requirements (including ISO 17025, GLP, 21 CFR 11, Annex 11, and EPA).

Using O&G-specific workflows, companies can:

  • increase operational efficiency
  • reduce risks
  • lower operating costs.

The web-based platform provides flexibility and ease-of-use, helping organizations make more timely decisions while complying with regulatory requirements.

Best of all, an O&G pre-configured LIMS limits the need to customize or adapt the system, consequently lowering project costs while speeding up implementation time. Learn more at LabVantage.