New LabVantage Forensic NavigatorTM Seamlessly Manages Vast Data Flows Over the Entire Forensic Life Cycle

—Purpose-Built End-to-End Forensic Informatics Platform Goes Beyond LIMS to Organize and Integrate         Forensic Data from Diverse Sources, Providing Unparalleled Functionality and Ease of Use—

Somerset, NJ April 25, 2022 – LabVantage Solutions, Inc., the leading provider of laboratory informatics solutions and services, including purpose-built LIMS solutions that allow labs to go live faster and at a lower total cost, today announced the introduction of LabVantage Forensic NavigatorTM, an industry expert-built informatics platform designed to seamlessly manage the vast amounts of forensic evidence and data used throughout the entire criminal justice life cycle.

Forensic Navigator handles data flows in real time, from the evidence gathered at the crime scene through the ultimate resolution of the investigation. It accelerates the investigative process by streamlining, connecting, and analyzing all aspects of a criminal case, including evidence collection, property management, forensic lab analyses, medical examiner processes and reports, investigative activities, and legal proceedings. Forensic Navigator also includes critical tools to ensure quality management and regulatory compliance, in addition to forensic intelligence capabilities that allow users to gain insight from all data generated spanning investigations even across cases.

“LabVantage Forensic Navigator is a breakthrough informatics platform designed to increase the efficiency, effectiveness and accuracy of criminal justice operations,” said Mikael Hagstroem, Chief Executive Officer of LabVantage Solutions. “Forensic Navigator is built on the foundation of our industry-leading LIMS platform, but our developers went beyond those capabilities to produce a comprehensive system capable of managing and integrating the enormous amount of information generated during criminal investigations. At LabVantage we aim to bring the benefits of digital transformation to a variety of data-intensive industries, and we are proud to introduce this important new product purpose-built for the criminal justice sector, where data abounds and the stakes are so high.”

Forensic Navigator uses browser-based technology that is cloud hosted and is available in either SaaS or on-premise formats. It is a single, integrated, configurable platform that eliminates the need for customization. Forensic Navigator supports compliance with ISO17025, CALEA and other accreditations. It encompasses the entire forensic life cycle with best-in-class cybersecurity protection. Forensic Navigator’s forensics intelligence software provides insights from investigative data and is enhanced by predictive analysis through its forensic intelligence capabilities.

Robin MacDonald, PhD, Senior Product Specialist at LabVantage, spent more than a decade managing a forensic unit serving one of the largest counties in Florida. Dr. MacDonald noted, “The comprehensive data management capabilities of LabVantage Forensic Navigator would have been a huge help when I was a front-line forensic scientist at a busy law enforcement agency. In the complex, highly regulated criminal justice environment, Forensic Navigator’s ability to seamlessly manage all the evidence and data needed for investigations is a major advantage, eliminating the burden and inefficiency of implementing, maintaining, and coordinating multiple data management systems. It allows law enforcement personnel to enter data in real time, make examination requests and check status from a secure web-based portal. We offer a go-live plan that simplifies implementation and LabVantage’s track record of exceptional customer service means that expert user support is always available.”

Key advantages of LabVantage Forensic Navigator include:

  • Advanced technology – HTML5-based platform with advanced predictive analytics via forensic intelligence.
  • Browser-based – Cloud hosted and available in either SaaS or on-premise formats.
  • Configurable – With industry best practices, including data integrity and cybersecurity protection.
  • Online portal – For evidence pre-log, exam requests, status updates, and released reports.
  • Dashboards – View all key performance indicators at a glance.
  • Instruments – Integration and interface with most networkable instruments.
  • Collaboration – Enables rapid access to shared data. Duplicative entry is never needed.
  • Chain of custody – Includes person-to-person and person-to-secure-location transfers, with reporting options.
  • Case management – Facilitates organizing all aspects of the case.
  • Crime scene – Upload images and videos, capture scene-processing activities, and generate reports.
  • Property management – Easily locate evidence and manage disposition activities.
  • Medical examiner – Document external and autopsy observations, track next-of-kin, capture interviews.
  • Laboratory – Track evidence through intake, examination assignment, testing, and reporting.
  • Electronic lab notebook – Tracking support throughout the entire analytical life cycle.
  • Reagents – Manage reagents, standards, and other laboratory consumables.
  • Forensic intelligence – Pool siloed data for rapid resolution of cases and confidence in results.
  • SDMS – Collect and secure files maintained throughout the lab with full traceability and search functions.

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