LIMS Software Solution

The most technologically advanced Lab Information Management System available

Highly flexible, configurable LabVantage LIMS turns data into valuable insights

LabVantage provides a technologically advanced, flexible laboratory information management system (LIMS) to help you streamline and automate day-to-day operational details of testing, sample storage needs, and far more. Make the most of research-focused data insights, notes, and formulations for new products or treatments; ensure the accuracy of analytical and diagnostic testing; and maintain quality during batch or continuous manufacturing with data from the LIMS.

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LabVantage LIMS supports:

  • Sample life cycle with functionality from sample and consumables management to environmental monitoring and stability management
  • Lab execution with integrated ELN, LES, and workflow designer, plus barcode generation, instrument management, and plate/gel handling
  • Data retrieval from dashboards, built-in search engine, on-demand reporting, and advanced analytics
  • Data, instrument, and system interfacing with integrated SDMS, SAP integration, Waters Empower connector, and RESTful web services for connections to ERP, MRP, MES, QMS, and more
  • Security and auditing from single sign-on and electronic signatures to cybersecurity protections against OWASP Top 10 threats, data integrity, and data privacy for GDPR and other standards
  • Compliance with industry requirements such as ISO 17025, the FDA, GAMP, HIPAA, GDPR, and CLIA
  • Bulk data import, web services, internationalization, electronic forms, no-code configurations
  • Dynamic scheduling with a graphical image map, calendar view, and a comprehensive view across multiple plan items
  • Formulations management to archive, store, and retrieve prior formulations; enhanced management and search to reduce duplication and support new product development and submissions
  • Lab optimization with tools for work and resource planning, configuration management and transfer, automated issue-tracking and submission
  • Accelerated SaaS or on-premises deployment with industry-specific pre-configurations to dramatically speed implementation with more out-of-the-box functionality pre-installed; available for biobanking, diagnostics, pharma/biotech, food and beverage, oil and gas, general manufacturing

Deploying LabVantage LIMS provides the essential tools needed to manage today’s volume, velocity, and variety of data – and the critical decisions made from that data. Your data becomes organized, searchable, accurate, and aligned with best practices for worry-free compliance and quality control. You connect people, processes, procedures, and results so your lab can be more efficient and productive. The LIMS is the center of your lab, working hard to help you achieve more, faster. Gaps and silos are eliminated.

Questions about how to deploy your LIMS?

Why choose LabVantage

End-to-end efficiency

Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS), Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN), Laboratory Execution System (LES), and Scientific Data Management System (SDMS) capabilities are part of the complete LabVantage platform for full end-to-end visibility and management of your labs. One vendor for all of your critical technology helps to simplify processes, support, and training, ending the need for patched, disparate systems.

Modern architecture

LabVantage leverages flexible HTML5-compliant architecture with zero footprint, using commonly known programming languages like Java and JavaScript at its core. There’s no proprietary language or special training required, unlike some solutions using outdated technology. You get a user friendly interface and drag-and-drop tools for easy personalization—without writing code.

Flexibility, domain expertise built in

Our flexible, robust systems and experienced Professional Services team minimize the risk of project delays or failures. Implementation accelerators, pre-configured industry functionality, and pre-validation also help you embrace your new solutions and best practices quickly and easily, leveraging out-of-the-box functionality. You could go live within months, long ahead of traditional LIMS deployments.

AI-Powered Analytics

Embedded analytics with easy-to-use, pre-configured algorithms and drag-and-drop fields give you full control to explore, analyze, and visualize lab and enterprise data. Take advantage of system-wide reporting to gain business insights, make better-informed decisions, or follow AI/ML prompts that will help you narrow your focus or short-list possible solutions. As your system learns from your feedback, you’ll continue to build reliable use-cases.

Secure Portal

The secure LabVantage Portal extends the ability to remotely access, request, or submit information to the LIMS from remote users, external clients, or third parties. This eliminates manual requests for tests and other services, speeding processes, while protecting valuable data in your LIMS database. The feature is critical in any organization with high volumes of testing or sharing of data, such as forensics, contract labs, or cancer research.

Increased productivity

Automation and built-in best practices help enhance the productivity of your labs by eliminating dual data entry, redundancies, extra clicks, and gaps or roadblocks in accessing needed information. Logical next steps and reminders are sent to users, with forms needing approvals automatically routed to supervisors. Role-based dashboards and graphical workflows help users stay focused on priorities and next steps.

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