LabVantage Solutions Highlights Benefits and New Features of LabVantage Version 8.2 and LabVantage Pharma 8 at Pittcon

Somerset, NJ – March 6, 2017 – LabVantage Solutions, the leading global laboratory informatics provider, has introduced LabVantage 8.2, with added features that support electronic laboratory notebooks, method execution worksheets, biobanking, and environmental monitoring applications to provide advanced solutions for laboratories.

With LabVantage 8.2, LabVantage provides a complete replacement for the paper lab notebook traditionally used by researchers.  This new, fully embedded electronic laboratory notebook, integrated with LIMS, captures all research notes in a secure, audited environment. Automated electronic method worksheets enforce the step-wise execution of test methods to provide greater compliance and method automation.  LabVantage 8.2 also adds new features to automate environmental monitoring for routine assessment of the cleanliness of manufacturing and testing facilities.

New Features of LabVantage 8.2 include:

  • Plate management improvements
  • Storage Explorer on the BioBanking module
  • Fully embedded Electronic Lab Notebook
  • Lab Method Execution System
  • Updated Mobile enhancements

Along with LabVantage 8.2, LabVantage Pharma has been revalidated.  LabVantage Pharma is the industry leading informatics platform for pharmaceutical QA/QC laboratories. The industry’s only pre-configured and pre-validated solution leverages the capabilities of LabVantage 8, delivering a platform with fully executed evidence of validation.

The BioBanking module available on LabVantage 8.2 delivers significant advantages related primarily to sample custody management and system storage. Improvements include:

  • New Storage Explorer that visualizes how much storage is available for use
  • New BioBanking workflows
  • Improved Custodial Department Transfers

“Scientists looking for a new and better informatics solution for research and companies seeking improved tools for monitoring pharmaceutical manufacturing environments will benefit from the low cost, low risk LIMS solution and will greatly appreciate the added features available on LabVantage 8.2,” says Dr. Ram Velidi, President of LabVantage.

About LabVantage Solutions

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