LabVantage PSO Stands Out for LabVantage LIMS Implementation Success

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In this final article in our PSO series, we’re highlighting why our Professional Service Organization team is the definitive choice to ensure LabVantage LIMS implementation success.

Large Team with Robust Resources

The LabVantage PSO team has recently grown to more than 500 members. What does this mean for our customers?

Our team’s size gives you access to more specialized individuals and ensures scalability. A larger team can swiftly allocate alternative resources, guaranteeing project continuity and minimizing potential delays. It also ensures that any implementation, whether a single site or a multi-site with locations globally, will have ample resources and expertise to efficiently implement your LIMS.

In addition, more consultants and PSO members are on standby, making certain resources and personnel readily available to expedite your implementation. You can start earlier and complete your implementation project faster, allowing your organization quicker access to your new software and delivering faster ROI.


Global Support

LabVantage provides PSO services on six continents and has teams in more than 20 countries.

What this means for our customers is that you get access to a local PSO team in the same time zone that works during the same business hours as your organization or sites. These teams speak the same languages as the implementation site, understand how business works, and are acquainted with laboratory needs and protocols in their implementation regions.

All of that minimizes any errors that might have been lost in translation or cultural misunderstandings. Significantly faster implementations become possible, and you can expect replies to inquiries as fast as the same business day.


Superior Experience and In-House Expertise

The LabVantage team has a wide range of experience with diverse conditions, industry-specific challenges, compliance, organizational structure, and more. This empowers our PSO team to go beyond the role of traditional PSO responsibilities, acting as business consultants who contribute industry expertise to improve your organization’s business processes. In unique situations, they can bring in team members with similar past experiences to seamlessly implement your LIMS, ensuring it goes live within the expected timeline.

In addition, LabVantage PSO teams receive in-house training that’s not accessible to third parties. These certifications are typically renewed every six months to one year to keep up with the pace of the ever-changing LIMS industry. This up-to-date knowledge of new features, upcoming updates, and the product roadmap is a crucial edge no third-party team can match.


Direct Access

When you work with the LabVantage PSO team, you’re working with LabVantage directly. As a result, you gain direct contact and access to members of LabVantage’s product management, product development, product roadmap, and many other departments and documentation.

This direct access allows your implementation team to promptly inform you about upcoming features and updates. Seamless communication with our in-house teams facilitates the swift resolution of complex technical issues during implementation. This connection is especially invaluable in long-term planning, ensuring that the implemented solution remains aligned with your future development.

Additionally, your organization gains a seat for direct contribution to our product roadmap. If there is something that your organization would like added to the software, LabVantage PSO can act as an advocate and take the suggestion directly to our product management and product development teams.


Continuous Product Updates

LabVantage PSO has a close relationship with the LIMS development team, a deeper understanding of the software, and alignment with the company’s long-term vision. As a result, you receive benefits even after implementation, including:

  • Deeper Product Understanding: Direct affiliation enables your team to provide more tailored and effective support, including updates.
  • Direct Access to Development Teams: A direct line of communication allowing for quicker feedback loops and more efficient implementation of your requests or bug fixes into product updates.
  • Seamless Integration: A deeper understanding of how your product integrates with other LabVantage systems or software can facilitate smoother integration and ensure that updates are seamlessly compatible with your existing infrastructure.
  • Customization and Tailoring: LabVantage PSO has more flexibility in configuring or tailoring updates to your specific needs or workflows and can advocate for features or modifications that align closely with your requirements.
  • Long-term Product Roadmap Alignment: This ensures updates are in line with the broader strategic direction of the product, offering you a more coherent and consistent experience over time.
  • Exclusive Features and Early Access: You’ll have early access to exclusive features or beta versions of upcoming updates, potentially providing you with a competitive edge.


Comprehensive Documentation

LabVantage’s PSO provides comprehensive documentation for post-implementation support. This empowers you with transparency, proficiency, and self-sufficiency, reducing your reliance on external support, fostering effective system utilization, providing resources for continuous learning, and facilitating long-term maintenance and improvement of the implemented LIMS solution.


Seamless Transition from PSO to Support

You can expect a seamless transition from LabVantage PSO to post-implementation support. Should there be a need for troubleshooting, updates, or additional customization as your organizational needs evolve, LabVantage’s PSO and Support team are ready to address these issues.

You’ll also experience a smooth process if your organizational requirements change and there’s a need to re-engage the PSO team. They’ll prioritize maintaining your operational productivity and profits by finding your organization a workaround to continue running LIMS while the support team works on necessary changes or updates.

LabVantage PSO can easily contact product management and development, making suggestions or asking questions about the product roadmap to better align implementations with your vision for the software.



LabVantage PSO teams have a comprehensive understanding of the software and a direct affiliation with the product’s development team. This maximizes your training investment by allowing the LabVantage PSO team to educate your team in a way that best serves your unique needs. You’ll have access to up-to-date resources and continuous support, empowering you to stay current with the latest features and best practices while enabling you to fully leverage the capabilities of the product. LabVantage PSO can also provide training on integration with other LabVantage systems or software.


Vendor Accountability and a Holistic Approach

When you choose the LabVantage PSO team, the entire LabVantage organization becomes invested in your success. This heightened level of accountability enables your organization to rest assured that all necessary resources will be dedicated to your personalized implementation. This commitment accelerates the timeline for your organization to operate at maximum productivity and achieve optimal profits.

In addition to the many benefits of the software, you’ll benefit from holistic problem-solving, a comprehensive understanding of the product, and proactive maintenance planning. Access to product experts with diverse perspectives from various career backgrounds enables your organization to plan, troubleshoot issues faster, address unique circumstances, and develop a full understanding of the current and future versions of the software.

Contact us today to learn more about how your organization can benefit from this level of dedication and partnership.