LabVantage Enterprise SaaS LIMS Launches: Summer 2021

Enterprise SaaS LIMS teaserHave you looked for a SaaS LIMS with the flexibility to customize the software? How about a SaaS LIMS with the ability to connect all of the instrumentation in your lab?

We’ve covered a range of SaaS LIMS topics in this blog recently, including:

What we haven’t talked about – and what you won’t find on the market today – is a SaaS LIMS that lets you make customizations to the software. In fact, not only do certain SaaS LIMS not allow system interfacing, but you also can’t even connect your instruments to the LIMS!

All that’s about to change.

Are you ready?

LabVantage Enterprise SaaS, due to be released this summer, will deliver everything you’d expect from a SaaS LIMS, including:

  • Vendor provided, managed and monitored computing infrastructure.
  • Automatic software upgrades.
  • Enterprise-grade features for the most robust LIMS applications.

In addition, LabVantage will work with you to implement any system alterations your enterprise may require, extending the offering far beyond any other SaaS LIMS on the market today. For example, potential changes might include:

  • Robust system interfacing allowing you to complete your digital transformation ambitions.
  • Precise reporting to meet the exacting requirements of your lab.

And…wait for it…

  • Complex parsers for importing data from advanced instrumentation (e.g., HPLC and GC) as part of our integrated SDMS solution.
  • Connecting simple instruments (e.g., balance and pH meters).

Why Choose an Enterprise SaaS LIMS?

Let’s step back for a moment and review why an enterprise SaaS LIMS is a smart solution for an organization. One of the key reasons organizations choose SaaS LIMS is to ensure that the vendor – and not the customer – remains accountable for future system updates and upgrades. At LabVantage, for example, we work closely with you during the system implementation phase to ensure that the system changes you need are compatible with the robust configuration and customization mechanisms of the LIMS…and will continue to be in the future.

You may already know LabVantage software is built upon a sophisticated design of change hierarchy, how robust, built-in tools can support deep configuration, and how complex workflows can be implemented.

But what you may not know is that LabVantage is also built upon a strong base of application programming interfaces (APIs), which are – for example – the basis for the LabVantage web services platform. These APIs allow us to implement customer-specific functionality according to well-documented application development guidelines that refrain from touching any LabVantage platform code.

SaaS concept

What all of this means is that LabVantage works closely with your organization to ensure any system alterations are executed in a manner that successfully survives any software updates and upgrades you would expect from an Enterprise SaaS LIMS.

Yes – you read that right.

Changes that are implemented in your Enterprise SaaS system are always supported automatically as your SaaS environment receives future updates. You’ll never need to worry that changes you implemented in your LabVantage system will stop working in the future.

How to Learn More

As you can imagine, we will have many more details to share soon, including information on:

·       How multiple environments like development, validation, and production will be supported.

·       How software releases will be scheduled.

·       What kind of flexibility will be allowed on the timing for when you receive new upgrades.

Watch this blog for additional details, or contact us directly with questions about your lab’s specific needs.