LabVantage Adds Vendor Validation to Its Software-as-a-Service LIMS

Introduces Vendor Validation to Its SaaS LIMS

Validation Addresses Unique Needs of Organizations in Sectors with Stringent Regulatory Requirements

Validation Documents That the System Meets Optimal Standards for Data Integrity and Control

Somerset, NJ – March 8, 2021 – LabVantage Solutions, Inc., the leading provider of laboratory informatics solutions and services including purpose-built LIMS solutions that allow labs to go live faster and at a lower total cost, today announced it has added validation to a number of its subscription-based LIMS. Adding validation support to a cloud-hosted, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) LIMS increases confidence for organizations that function in regulated sectors, such as pharmaceuticals, biobanking, and clinical and molecular diagnostics.

Pre-packaged LabVantage LIMS that now offer SaaS validation are LabVantage Pharma, LabVantage Biobanking, and LabVantage COVID-19 LIMS.

“Having a validated SaaS LIMS ensures the delivered system is managed and maintained in a controlled, risk-aware manner,” said Jeff Vannest, Senior Director of Product Management at LabVantage Solutions. “LabVantage assumes responsibility for changes made to the software during feature enhancements, upgrades, and updates. Every alteration is fully documented, tested, and reported to our customers.”

Evidence of validated control is essential when a company must report to the FDA or a similar regulatory body. Validation presents a formal record that the installed software is held to the highest possible standard in terms of data integrity and control and the responsibility rests with the vendor.

Like other types of SaaS products, LabVantage’s validated SaaS LIMS meets the growing needs of organizations that want to move beyond the traditional models of licensing, installation, maintenance, and management of software in favor of an application from a vendor that accepts responsibility for back-end security, availability, and performance.

LabVantage’s validated SaaS LIMS can be configured as pre-packaged, industry-specific solutions that address unique workflows, which right-sizes the LIMS for an organization, eliminates the need for customization, accelerates adoption and deployment, and reduces risk and total costs.

With LabVantage SaaS, customers pay an annual subscription fee to access the entire LabVantage platform—LIMS, electronic laboratory notebook, laboratory execution system, and scientific data management system. Validated software updates are routinely implemented by LabVantage, freeing up customers’ internal resources and increasing productivity. The system is highly scalable and allows customers to pay only for what they need and use. It is a flexible option that makes it easy for customers to add features and capacity as they grow.

Additionally, a vendor-validated SaaS LIMS allows customers to expand the system to other locations, subsidiaries, and partners with confidence.

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