Analytics for LIMS

AI and advanced analytics deliver meaningful insights from LIMS and other data

Powerful self-service AI-driven tools help users quickly draw conclusions

Your labs produce vast amounts of data. Without practical ways to consume the data, it has little value. Determine actionable next steps based on sound facts, not hunches, with LabVantage Analytics. It plays a critical role in your labs’ daily operations and your ability to fulfill the expectations of stakeholders, whether they are research colleagues, regulatory or other agencies, contract customers, or patients and consumers.

LabVantage Analytics is a full-featured, self-service advanced analytics solution that lets users explore, analyze, and visualize data to gain actionable business insights. Designed by analytics experts, it uses business intelligence and machine learning/artificial intelligence capabilities to track and trend KPIs and predict and alert on issues before they happen.

Scientific, business, and external data can be analyzed in LabVantage LIMS, speeding new discoveries, increasing lab throughput, improving the quality of outputs, and reducing waste and downtime.

Besides analyzing scientific data, LabVantage Analytics features a Laboratory Performance Monitor (LPM) to provide a 360-degree view of your labs. Gain meaningful insights from data for smart decision-making that helps you achieve more, faster and cost-effectively. Our growing library of focused analytics solutions help scientists accelerate analysis turnaround times, ensure analysis consistency, increase computational efficiency, and reduce overall time and cost in bringing drugs to market.

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Count on LabVantage Analytics for:

  • Self-service dashboards and visualizations that provide a 360° view of lab operations
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) / machine learning that’s built-in for advanced analytics
  • Ad-hoc data mining without the need for support from your IT team
  • A seamless user experience with LabVantage LIMS with single sign-on
  • Data integrity and rules that are inherited from LabVantage LIMS for consistency
  • ELT/ETL-enabled input connectors to support system-wide analytics, including analysis of data from instruments

Wondering if AI can help you speed research?

LabVantage Analytics

Designed by analytics experts, LabVantage Analytics uses business intelligence and machine learning/artificial intelligence capabilities to analyze scientific, business, and external data for better insights and decision-making.

Fully integrated

Move seamlessly from LIMS to Analytics and back using a single user interface that encourages users to explore data without barriers or delays, such as needing to turn to the IT team for help with special queries or reports.

Boost business intelligence

Self-service business intelligence tool with 20+ chart types and 520+ widgets enables users to analyze and visualize LIMS data in meaningful ways. The ability to personalize the workspace means users can explore their own datasets, including self-directed key performance indicators (KPIs) and ad hoc reports.

Predict and plan for the future

Machine learning / AI with predictive and prescriptive analytics includes a recommendations engine with proactive alerting so you can stay on top of critical trends and spot patterns in data when early response can take place.

Speed deployment and ROI

LabVantage Analytics inherits security, permissions, and data integrity features from LabVantage LIMS, helping to speed implementation and adoption by users. Prebuilt, lab focused use-cases and dashboards also help the organization to achieve a fast return on their investment (ROI).

Gain deep insight

Analyze a wide range of data, including both structured and unstructured data, from a variety of sources, including ERP, RDBMS, flat files, IoT, message queues, and more.

Professional Services

Professional Services can help you maximize value from your LabVantage Analytics deployment and your lab’s digital transformation journey by providing insights into possible strategies, risks, and risk mitigation. With our expertise in implementing large scale BI/Analytics transformations and our resource pool of data scientists around the globe, we can assure you of successful adoption and meaningful results.

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