How to Train LIMS Users During Social Distancing

Coronavirus has changed the nature of modern life – even if only temporarily. Simple tasks – from visiting a loved one to shopping for milk – have become complicated and anxiety-filled undertakings. All of us are doing our best to [...]

LabVantage Solutions Announces New Purpose-Built Biobanking LIMS Accelerator for Managing COVID-19 Testing

—Comprehensive Turnkey System Based on Industry-Leading LabVantage LIMS Platform Allows Laboratories to Implement COVID-19 Biobanking, Testing and Research Almost Immediately— —Purpose-Built SaaS-Based Solution Eliminates Need for Infrastructure and Complex Implementation; LabVantage World-Class Know-How Ensures LabVantage COVID-19 LIMS is Powerful, Flexible [...]

April 28th, 2020|Categories: Biobanking, LIMS, Press Releases|

LIMS in Production: Using Statistical Process Control to Avoid Manufacturing Challenges

In the world of sample analysis, control charts tend to reign supreme – and the petroleum industry is no exception. Over the years, we’ve visited quite a few process control labs with bulletin boards covered in beautiful multi-colored control charts. [...]

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