Job Title: Managing Consultant – India

Job Description Duties and Responsibilities

Department: PSO

Reports To: Portfolio Manager ‐ PSO

A. Job Description Objective

As a key member of Professional Services Team, the Managing Consultant will oversee the creation, testing, and delivery of LABVANTAGE System Configurations developed by the Applications Programming Team, by utilizing key skills such as Java Based Programming, web development, database knowledge and LABVANTAGE product knowledge. Defines the problem domain in terms of business processes, business rules, and requirement for functionality, technology, and delivery to requirements specifications. Aids in creating design solutions. Provides inputs to product development team for enhancements based on experience with the multiple LabVantage implementations. Impart training to new hires and provide technical and product knowledge as and when required. The Managing Consultant will also provide a mentoring role to all other team members including other consultants. This will include overseeing the technical training of all India based Applications Programmers as well as ensuring that they adhere to company coding standards and good programming practices. Additionally, this position will coordinate the activities of India Applications Programming Team with the US Business Analyst and Project Managers to deliver projects with high degree of quality. Provide inputs to the various process optimization/standardization in professional services. Ensure daily activities maximize utilization effort of the team. Manage resources to maximize return on investment and minimize non‐billable activity. Contribute in preparing the level of estimates for projects and help pre‐sales activities.

B. Primary Job Objectives

The table below gives the primary duties/responsibilities for this position. It shows the expected allotted time over an extended period for the areas supported by the position as well as the Description of those areas.

Rank of Importance: 1

% Allocation: 40


  • Lead system implementations in the following areas: review customer requirements, configure the LabVantage application to meet these requirements, develop specifications and design changes, delivery enhancements, system maintenance, J‐Unit and/or Tosca test scripts for new and modified application systems, ensuring a quality product are delivered and achieve business objectives.

Rank of Importance: 2

% Allocation: 25


  • Mentor/consult other engineers and consultants to create design solutions for LabVantage implementations.
  • Oversee/impart technical training to the team members.
  • Instill domain knowledge within the team to ensure that the team members understand the customer needs.

Rank of Importance: 3

% Allocation: 10


  • Analyze customer requirements outlined in functional requirement document and design, implement & develop solution based on LABVANTAGE product framework.

Rank of Importance: 4

% Allocation: 10


  • Represent company to major customers, industry analysts and the public.
  • Contribute in preparing the level of estimates for projects and help pre‐sales activities.

Rank of Importance: 5

% Allocation: 10


  • Communicate design issues and requirements between development, marketing, QA to design optimal and user applications software.

Rank of Importance: 6

% Allocation: 5


  • Build and manage effective internal and external partnerships to ensure delivery of objectives.

C. Managing Consultant’s responsibilities include the following:

This is not an exhaustive task list and other duties may be assigned as deemed appropriate or warranted by immediate manager.

  • Write code based on JAVA coding standards; that are neat, well structured, easy to follow and maintain.
  • Direct support and ownership of LabVantage configuration services.
  • Identifying design alternatives when presented within the unexpected.
  • Continually enhance your knowledge of the LabVantage product and its corresponding framework.
  • Developing server‐side components in Java for web portal.
  • Involved in various web‐based development projects by creating documentation to existing site and designing/programming future releases.
  • Coach and mentor team members from your team and collaborate with other PSO teams as well.
  • Work in collaboration with the LabVantage PMO on project assignments for team members.
  • Collaborating with project lead to clarify definition of client requirements.
  • Defining the problem domain in terms of business processes, business rules, and requirement for functionality, technology, and delivery to requirements specifications.
  • It is expected that the position will also include reviewing feature testing scripts and production problems.
  • Contribute in preparing the level of estimates for projects and help pre‐sales activities.

D. Job Qualifications Necessary

  • The Managing Consultant must have at least a bachelors degree in computer science / Engineering or masters in computer application and 10‐15 years of technical experience with creating Java‐driven Web
  • Proven team leader – ability to mentor team to deliver
  • Must be adept in creating solutions for given specifications and require
  • Be able to see the big picture, prioritize and deliver solutions
  • Must be adept in at least: Java (J2EE), JavaScript, JSP, HTML, DHTML/Web Page Development including client‐side scripting and SQL for relational databases (either Oracle and/or SQL Server)
  • Other desirable technical skills include Web Service, Ajax, Groovy and J‐
  • System Analysis, in addition to domain knowledge of laboratory practice
  • Excellent problem‐solving skills
  • Ability to identify ways to continuously improve processes which will help in delivering superior solutions on time and in bud
  • Good communication skills. Must be able to intelligently present and defend ideas to p
  • Must be flexible to work during the normal US/UK office hours for strong communication and efficienc
  • Workable knowledge of Jasper reporting is

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