Software Engineer – DevOps – India

Job Description Objective

Person should have a right balance of strong qualitative and analytical skills, excellent time management, communication, decision making, leadership skills, human relations and organizational skills. Desired technical background includes proven experience in build management, release management, SVN/git version mangement, product cloud development (AWS SDK preferred), scripting, and/or diverse product development background. The person will work to develop solutions to solidify and improve the LabVantage application, improve R&D’s ability to build and test the core product, and build internal products and solutions to help other groups efficently interact and work with R&D.

Primary Job Objectives

The table below gives the primary duties/responsibilities for this position. It shows the expected allotted time over an extended period for the areas supported by the position as well as the Description of those areas.

Rank of Importance %_Allocation Description
1 75%
  • Use experience and skills listed in Job Qualifications to maintain, manage, improve, and automate LabVantage’s development, manual testing, automated testing, and performance testing environments, and to improve and automate their processes as well.  These systems and processes include:
    • Jenkins build servers
    • Java/JavaScript/JSON/XML/REST/SOAP/Groovy code technology tree
    • Maven dependency management system
    • IntelliJ and Eclipse IDEs
    • Tosca automated testing environments
    • JMeter performance testing harnesses
    • AWS EC2 (VM) and other infrastructure management
    • JBoss/WebLogic/WebSphere Application Servers
    • Apache HTTPD and modcluster servers
    • Tools development
    • ANT/Powershell/batch/bash scripting
    • Subversion and git version control systems
    • Atlassian Suite (Jira/Confluence/Bitbucket/Stash/Fisheye/Crucible)
    • Agile Scrum and Kanban Methodologies
2 25%
  • Using same experience and skills, work cross-functionally with Support and Information Technology to provide Cloud solutions and 3rd tier Cloud Operations Support. Assist these teams with keeping customers five-nines operational within LabVantage’s hosted and SaaS environments.

Software Engineer – DevOps’ responsibilities include the following: This is not an exhaustive task list and other duties may be assigned as deemed appropriate or warranted by immediate manager.

  • Build internal products, tools, and solutions to help the LabVantage R&D Team operate more efficiently
  • Create, manage, initialize, and execute Jenkins jobs scripts to produce LabVantage production and patch builds and releases.
  • Maintain the Atlassian Suite including all development, testing, and deployment of the code and configuration necessary to sustain the VantageCare/Jira Integration. This is an internal product that allows the homegrown support system based off LabVantage to exchange data and status with the R&D Jira instance.  Advise the support, dev and testing teams on how to use the integration correctly.
  • Verify all developers, testers, and satellite team members are using the correct code technology tree, and that they are following the proper code review, code security assessment, and unit testing procedures.
  • Assist development team with the use of Maven, Subversion, and git (in the near future) and help to maintain build integrity.
  • Assist development team with the use of the IntelliJ IDE. In certain cases, other developers may use the Eclipse IDE, and assist them with following all necessary formatting and commit rules.
  • Help develop and maintain the Tosca automated functional testing build environments and tools.
  • Help develop and maintain the JMeter automated performance testing build environments and tools.
  • Assist with proper setup and maintenance of the LabVantage application on its supported application servers and their certified configurations.
  • Inform the documentation team when versions and configurations change so that the LabVantage installation and/or product documentation can be changed to reflect those changes.
  • Assist the services team with installation and deployment issues.

Job Qualifications Necessary

  • A Bachelor’s or Master’s degree (B.E/B.Tech/MCA) in Computer Science or related discipline.
  • 1-2 years of demonstrated work experience in DevOps role or 3+ years in development role with multiple languages is required.
  • High level of personal accountability and “self-managed” attitude to make progress in ambiguous situations is required.
  • Strong analytic skills and problem-solving ability are required.
  • Excellent English communication skills (written and oral) are required.
  • Good documentation skills are required.
  • Developer/Admin level experience using Windows and Linux OS is required.
  • Experience with Java, JavaScript, JSON, XML, REST, SOAP, Groovy, scripting (Powershell/batch/bash), and SQL (Oracle/MSS) is preferred.
  • Experience of using Jenkins, CI/CD, Continuous Testing, Maven, ANT, SVN/git, JIRA, Confluence, and IDEs is preferred.
  • Experience using Agile Scrum and/or Kanban methodologies is preferred.
  • Experience with AWS SDK and some system administration preferred. Azure or Google Cloud experience is appreciated.
  • Experience with Containers (Dockers, Kubernetes, OpenShift) are appreciated.

If interested, please send your resume to