Job Description
Duties and Responsibilities

Job Title: Component Engineering – Senior Engineer
Department: Development


A. Job Description Objective

Senior role within the technical team tasked with implementation and maintenance of re-usable components for implementation of customer solutions and PSO process improvement. Working collaboratively with Product Management Group and across teams to help identify and validate re-use opportunities. Responsible for design and development of specific re-usable components from initial candidate identification through to library item release and maintenance. Active promotion and involvement with component re-use in project implementations.

B. Primary Job Objectives

The table below gives the primary duties/ responsibilities for this position. It shows the expected allotted time over an extended period for the areas supported by the position as well as the Description of those areas.

Rank of Importance % Allocation
1 50 Implement design, development, testing, maintenance and documentation of re-useable components working with other teams and resources as appropriate, ensuring successful outcome for component objectives.
2 20 Support use of re-usable components via demonstration, internal training, and assistance to project implementations.
3 10 Collaborate across teams to identify and validate candidate areas for re-usability.
4 10 Mentor others in the development and maintenance of re-usable components.
5 5 Communicate design issues and requirements between development, marketing, QA in order to design optimal and user applications software.
6 5 Build and manage effective internal and external partnerships to ensure delivery of objectives.

Component Engineering – Senior Engineer responsibilities include the following: This is not an exhaustive task list and other duties may be assigned as deemed appropriate or warranted by immediate manager.

  • Development of re-usable components for delivery to customer projects.
  • Maintenance and support of existing component library.
  • Advisory assistance to PSO in use of components.
  • Mentoring of technical resources involved in component work.
  • Promotion of knowledge sharing by example.
  • Liaison across team boundaries for identification of candidate items for re-use.
  • Alignment of component development effort with ongoing product development plans.
  • Adherence to company SOPs in the execution of duties.

C.   Job Qualifications Necessary

  • Scientific/Engineering Bachelors degree or equivalent including significant software development component.
  • Expertise and significant experience (5+ years) in development, delivery and support of web based database applications in a commercial project driven environment.
  • Key technical skills: Java, J2EE, JavaScript, XML, ANT, Web Services, Database design, Oracle, SQL Server, J2EE Application servers.
  • Experience of LIMS market environment and laboratory operations.
  • Experience of laboratory instrument and external system interfacing. E.g. Waters, SAP.
  • Understanding of GMP and GLP requirements.
  • Must possess strong technical documentation and organizational skills.

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