This Wednesday, December 18th, LABVANTAGE will host an “Introduction to LABVANTAGE and What’s New in LABVANTAGE 6.0.2” webinar and live demo. The presentation will be geared towards both existing customers and those looking to learn more about LABVANTAGE. The webinar will start with a brief introduction to LABVANTAGE followed by a live demo on the key new features of LABVANTAGE 6.0.2.

The major new features we will cover include NWA Stability Analytics, Request Management, as well as Object-level Security Assignment. The LABVANTAGE Stability Module now supports Northwest Analytics when performing regression trends, shelf life predictions and ANCOVA analyses. Request Management is a new feature for LABVANTAGE 6.0.2, which offers special handling for the submission, review, testing and release of externally-submitted samples. The Object-level Security Assignment is the new SDI Security feature which applies granular, object-level security to a Security Set, which is a group of Users or Job Types that have the same list, edit and delete permissions on an object.

At the end of the webinar, we will have time for Q&A, so please feel free to ask us questions. Also, please complete our post-event survey. We value your feedback and opinions. You can register for the webinar in ReadyTalk. Hope you can join us!


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