I have been doing virtualization for a very long time, initially on my desktop for development purposes, but also creating VMs for customers so that they can do development, testing, and production. However, I was still amazed by the size of this event, and it’s clear that virtualization and cloud are here to stay… that they will become a permenant part of our computing landscape.

I remember installing a P4 production LIMS system at a customer site, and the performance was just hideous. The LIMS folks kept saying, “I think it’s this virtualization thing… I wish IT had never forced us to virtualize.” I knew they had robust hardware and couldn’t imagine what the problem might be.

Finally, their IT guy and I were looking at the VM host server and realized that the drive where the VM guest was sitting was compressed! That poor virtual machine was trying to do read and write operations to the filesystem while compressing and decompressing every single byte. Oops! Of course, once we moved the guest to a high speed, uncompressed drive the performance was enormously improved.

What virtualization stories do you have?

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