We are proud and excited to announce the launch of Vantage Point Italia the first blog written in Italian made by and for laboratory informatics professionals.

With this milestone, LABVANTAGE marks a significant step beyond straightforward website localization and establishes a new communicational channel with all those Italian speaking experts who face the day-to-day challenges presented by the design, implementation, utilization and maintenance of informatics solutions for the laboratory.

Not only will we publish the Italian translation of articles appeared on Vantage Point and the captionized version of video interviews but we’ll also post original content distilled from the vast experience in the industry of the Italian team, interviews with renowned laboratory informatics experts, and accounts of local events such as the imminent European LIMS Tour 2011.

We found this to be a very appropriate way to articulate one of the foundational principles at the heart of a successful multi-cultural organization like LABVANTAGE: think globally, act locally.

While we invite you to keep on being a faithful reader of Vantage Point, if you can read Italian, do not hesitate to add Vantage Point Italia to the list of your RSS subscriptions, register a new account, and check back frequently.

From LABVANTAGE and the Italian Team, a wholehearted: Arrivederci!

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