The past few years have been challenging for the world economy and for the global foreign direct investment market. However, the need for companies to invest in cross border projects has become more evident. For example, despite companies putting on hold cross border investment plans, there was a total of 15,588 cross border investment projects worldwide in 2011, reported the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). Europe attracted to itself 22.3% of the new projects. Italy, alone, engaged in a total of 21 investment projects. One of them was our very own new LABVANTAGE training center in Monza headquarters, located northeast of Milan, Italy.

The establishment of our strategic business development center wasn’t only critical to the LIMS market, but by inaugurating in Monza for European and worldwide customers, it opened doors for more job opportunities in Italy. New employees were hired to do the face-to-face, hands-on training in Italian and English. Although cross border investments are growing at a slow pace, it’s helping decrease the unemployment rate.

According to the Politecnico di Milano, an analysis of the most significant initiatives
of investments made ??last year by international investors in Italy, TCG Lifesciences (LABVANTAGE) was recognized as one of the 30 initiates with strategic importance and noted in the top ten investment projects begun in 2011.

“LABVANTAGE Solutions subsidiary of the Indian pharmaceutical TCG Lifesciences has opened a new training center at its headquarters in Monza, Italy. The training facility will serve customers in Europe and serve as a strategic business center for the European market and the Mediterranean. The Italian company will soon launch a series of on site training programs, including [training on the LABVANTAGE software, which can manage] critical information through the laboratory’s research pipeline.”

On behalf of LABVANTAGE Solutions, we would like to thank Promos, Invest in Milan and the Research Department of the Milan Chamber of Commerce for reporting our company in their study, recognizing the efforts and investments that are made in spite of this difficult period for the European and worldwide economy.

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