Some statistics first:

  • 45 % of all people typically set New Year’s Resolutions
  • 8% will be successful
  • 25% quit after the first week
  • 35% quit after the first month
  • After 6 months, more than half have given up

So are you up for the challenge??? WE ARE!!

Goals are only achievable if they are clearly defined, well documented, and have supporting principles to back them up… otherwise, another year’s gym membership will quickly fade into another game of “Call of Duty,” tactfully played while maneuvering the remote and a bag of chips at the same time… a loss on all levels for sure.

The Training Team has set a New Year’s resolution by creating some goals of our own. We have re-evaluated our Mission Statement and redefined our principles to make sure we are on track with providing the highest quality of training this 2012… and we aim to stick to our goals!

Our Mission Statement

To provide the highest quality product training for customers, partners, and employees.
Training will be timely, structured, and current with the latest product release.

Easier said than done, right? So how are we planning on achieving and supporting this mission so we don’t join in with the unsuccessful 92% of New Year’s resolvers?

All trainings will be done on fully tested and prepared environments.

With help from the “cloud,” all environments are prepared ahead of all training sessions and are fully tested. Each training environment is specialized to the training version and course taught. They are all current to the latest build, allowing all trainings to be representative of the customers’ environment.

All trainings offer hands-on, pre-configured exercises.

There is no better way to learn than to actually configure the application on your own. Pre-configured exercises walk you through the setup, step by step, so you know exactly which properties and settings are configuring each feature and allow you to spend time on what you don’t know, while not wasting your time setting up those features that you do know.

All trainings offer printed training manuals.

Manuals will allow you to go back through the exercises months after the training if you find a need to refresh your memory. They allow you to go back over those topics you may not use every day, or review those features that you may find yourself implementing later in the life of your LIMS.

Finally, all trainings evaluate the effectiveness of the course.

It’s one thing to follow directions and successfully get through the course materials during the training, but did you learn? All trainings have some means of evaluating the effectiveness of the course. Many trainings offer a 25 question multiple choice exam to blatantly show you what you have learned (or not learned). Other courses have a hands-on assessment on the last day, with the remaining tasks simply asking you to perform certain activities that should be well understood by the end of the training. These provide a means of feedback on whether content is being understood or just followed. It ensures you are getting the most value out of your time.

So as you begin 2012, what are your goals? Are they well defined and supported? Will you be trying to keep a clean desk? Aiming to not be late for a meeting, or are you looking to become more educated in the processes of your LIMS. In the Training Department, we are driven this year to provide you with the highest quality of Training we can. Why don’t you take some time to see how we are doing! We are determined to be among the successful 8% of this 2012. Look us up on the LABVANTAGE training web section to see what we have to offer, or email the LABVANTAGE training department for all inquiries. Let us help make your 2012 successful!

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