After your company decides to purchase LABVANTAGE and gives you the role of a user, what should you do? Are you supposed to Google how to operate a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)? No, LABVANTAGE does not leave you hanging after we sell you our LIMS; we want to ensure you get the most value out of your system by providing you guidance on how to configure, operate and understand the feature sets in LABVANTAGE. From building master data to building a web page, we want to teach you how to use your LIMS more effectively so you can increase productivity and efficiency, and ultimately, take your lab to the next level. Here’s a list of the top five reasons why you should get training:

  1. Avoid pitfalls. Many times after a training course, students say something like, “If I had known about this feature 10 months ago, we could’ve saved ourselves two months of work!” In some occasions, administrators will design workflows not knowing there is a better way to do them.
  2. Organize data into a usable structure. Being a data architect can be a full-time job. Everyone knows the results of ‘garbage in.’ In order to avoid junk data, it’s important to learn the overall picture of how it all fits together.
  3. Improve communication. When other users report problems to you, or you report problems to LABVANTAGE, it’s easier if everyone is speaking the same language and understands the intended design.
  4. Learn industry-wide best practices. LABVANTAGE has been in the LIMS business for over 30 years. Throughout our history, we have learned about various industries and what seems to work best.
  5. Meet other users. Get advice not only from your instructors, but from other users who might be using their LIMS in a more efficient way.

Most of our training courses are arranged according to job role or function. The job role targeted training is offered to: a) End Users, people logging samples or test results, b) Super Users, people that go into the system to manipulate and configure data for proper workflows, and c) Application Managers, people that establish security and monitor the system for problems. These are the guys doing the general maintenance and installing patches as well upgrading the system.

How do I sign up for a training course?

Well, you have several options when it comes to how you want to do your training. LABVANTAGE offers classroom training at our learning centers in Somerset, NJ, USA and Monza, Italy. If you’d like to see the schedule of available courses for in-house training, please visit our LABVANTAGE training page. Since we have limited seating in our classrooms, sign up a few weeks in advance by emailing our LABVANTAGE training department.

If a virtual classroom is more of what you are looking for, LABVANTAGE offers that too. Learn via the web and connect from anywhere, no travel required. You will have the chance to interact and communicate with the instructor and other students, just virtually. 🙂 Another option we offer is eLearning, and that means you can be trained not only at your own place, but at your own pace! eLearning gives you access to the training materials so you can review them at your leisure. The annual subscription gives customers an opportunity to take the courses they wish as often as they need. To get a list of the current LABVANTAGE and SQL*LIMS courses available through eLearning, please view our eLearning page.

Finally, if none of the options mentioned above work for you, we can always go to your site. The on-site training option allows your organization to save time and money by bringing a LABVANTAGE professional trainer directly to your location. To schedule your on-site training or inquire about course topics, please email the LABVANTAGE training team.

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