I visited a pharmaceutical company in the midwestern United States that was in the middle of a very large LIMS implementation. When I asked to see their project plans I was expecting to sit down in front of a projector for a PowerPoint presentation. As expected, I was led off to a large conference room.

But this room had no projector and no computer. In fact, no technology of any kind was present. “The technology gets in the way – it stops some people from interacting,” I was told when I asked why there was a distinct lack of high tech.

This company’s planning tool consisted of a large conference room with two walls of whiteboards and hundreds of Post-it notes. The team put together their business process and working strategy simply by sticking the notes on the whiteboard and joining them together with lines, comments and drawings. This low-tech approach meant everyone on the team, no matter their technology skill level, could participate equally. Very simple, very agile and very easy to use.

This approach may not work for everyone but it should be considered: remove the technology barrier between team members and increase the level of communication. Oh yes, and have very big whiteboards!

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